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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 100 - 8 May 2009

100th Edition

What can I say?  This paper was started at the request of some local people who wanted a choice of local reading and here we are on our 100th edition.  Over the years we have generated many discussions on local topics, got up the noses of some politicians, (who still won't send anything to us!) and good old Vic always gets tongues wagging.

We stopped the hard copy printing last year, but continued on with the online version and we are still getting lots of visitors, so we must be doing something right.

We hope to continue bringing you the news, but can only do so if the editorials keep coming in.

Some issues are larger than others, we take very little advertising, so most of the paper is about you, the people of the town.  Keep sending in the articles and updates and we will keep publishing.

Our thanks go to the select band of advertisers who continue to support us and help us to cover our costs.

TESCO - Proposed Sheringham Store to be a quarter smaller than previous plans

Tesco has announced that the size of the proposed supermarket is about a quarter smaller than the previous proposed store and will have about the same sales space as the Tesco supermarket in Aylsham.  Previous plans for a supermarket in Sheringham put the total building size of the store at 2,760m2. The new store will be about 2,100m2 and have a sales space of approximately 1,200-1,250m2 (the previous proposal was 1,500 m2).

A major change in the different options for the store put it as close to Station Road as possible to attract visitors to the rest of Sheringham’s shops. The Tesco will offer a good range of food and groceries for the main food shopping trip, with a very limited selection of other goods, reflecting views on the previous plans.   Nick Gellatly of Tesco said: "Our new architects, Wilkinson Eyre, have
started from scratch to design a better store that will bring value, choice and convenience to local residents.

“The official decision on our last proposal also confirmed that Sheringham needs a supermarket but that it should be smaller than our previous plans. We also know the store must be big enough to attract new visitors to town – that’s what we are proposing.”