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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 102 - 3 July

New figures reveal shocking number of arson attacks in schools

Teachers need more powers to deal with violence and disruption says Trevor Ivory

North Norfolk's Conservative Spokesman, Trevor Ivory, has expressed alarm at new figures which reveal that the police have been called into schools across the country over 1,000 times in the last two years because of arson attacks - the equivalent of almost two incidents a day. The total cost of these attacks has been put at over 100m.

According to information uncovered through Freedom of Information Act requests by the Conservatives, there have been 50 reported cases of arson or suspicious fires on school property in Norfolk.

Speak to a meeting of local people in Mundesley today, Mr Ivory said, "Most worryingly, 93% of school arson attacks have been found to have been carried out by young people under the age of 18, mostly pupils, ex-pupils or those with siblings at the school. One third of attacks are carried out during school hours, which makes the situation even more serious."

Mr Ivory told the meeting that the figures underlined the need to implement Conservative proposals to give headteachers the power to ban, search for and confiscate any item they think likely to cause violence or disruption in schools, including lighters and matches. He also criticised Labour Ministers who have resisted these reforms.

"Action is needed in response to these shocking figures and teachers must be given greater powers to deal with violence and to remove disruptive pupils from classrooms. Head teachers must be able to search for and ban any items that could lead to deliberate damage to school property, violent behaviour or disruption. Only Conservatives have committed to taking the action that is needed so urgently."
Trevor Ivory, Parliamentary Spokesman for North Norfolk