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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 118 - 24 September 2010

Scout LogoMy name Elsa Poulter I am writing on behalf of myself and 3 other Scouts: Josh Mutton, James Mitchell and George Warner and we all live in the Sheringham, West & East Runton area. Three of us attend Sheringham High School and 1 Cromer High school. We attend the Scout Groups based in West Runton and Sheringham and all help as Young Leaders within the different younger sections of the Scout Groups.

We are all very lucky to have been selected to attend the World Scout Jamboree 2011 in Sweden. It is for 3 weeks camping in August. We are 4 of only 36 young people selected from Norfolk to attend this worldwide event and we feel privileged to have been given such an opportunity. This event is bigger than the Olympics as more countries take part (only 3 are not represented) and 30,000 young people attend; a scale that we will be unable to imagine until we get there, and it is an opportunity we will not have again.

The theme for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree is ‘simply scouting’. This, in other words is getting back to basics; all the traditional and stereotypical Scouting principals and activities, as well as learning new skills, being challenged, team work and integration with different cultures and nationalities from across the world.   To attend the Scout Jamboree, we each need to raise a sum of 2,000. We aim to achieve this with a mixture of fundraising events organised by ourselves and the Norfolk contingent leaders, and by making applications for donations and grants to companies, businesses and charities which may support these kinds of youth activities, and to
our families!

The 2000 required is not solely for us to get there and take part, as nearly half of the fee goes towards paying for Scouts from third world countries to attend. Without that support, they would be left out from this experience. This means the event is truly a worldwide venture. During the event, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in different cultures. We will hopefully make friends with scouts from all corners of the world. The fee also covers the cost of training camps and flights to a Baltic Country after the Jamboree where Scout families will give home hospitality to us.

Our correspondence to you as the people of sheringham is to ask for a small donation from your business or organisation of sorts, that will go towards the cost of attending the Jamboree, being part of, and experiencing it. Any donation would be most gratefully welcomed. No matter how little you donate it will be a small part towards our overall goal or even sponsoring an event of ours. We would be more than happy to speak and meet with you to give a presentation on the Jamboree and talk about our time in Scouts so far. Following the Jamboree we intend to put together a presentation of the event to share with those who supported us, and to tell of our experiences at the World Scout Jamboree. Attendants from the past have been well supported and we hope that we will get the same treatment.

Elsa Poulter