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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 119 - 22 October 2010

Sheringham Safer Neighbourhood Team

My name is Andy Smith and I have been asked to take over the running of the Sheringham Safer Neighbourhood Team commencing on the 1st November. Sheringham Safer Neighbourhood TeamAfter serving with the Military Police for six years and the West Midlands Police for thirteen years, I returned to my home county of Norfolk in 2004. I have worked at various locations including a short spell at Sheringham but my most recent position was running the Safer Neighbourhood Team at Wells Next-The-Sea.

I am fortunate to be taking over a very dedicated and motivated team which has proved a great success under the leadership of Sgt Damon Money and it is my intention to continue the good work which has gone before. The ethos behind Safer Neighbourhood Teams is one of close community relations and it is my intention to ensure that we are fully integrated within the district we serve.

The success of this partnership approach to problem solving relies on close interaction and clear lines of communication between you and your policing team and I assure you that this will be an area we focus upon. If we are unaware of the issues affecting your quality of life then we cannot seek to address the problems you are facing so we must encourage this exchange of information.

We are all aware of the challenges that lay ahead with the forthcoming budget cuts, but one thing I can guarantee is that we will continue to provide you with a professional service whose main aim is to keep the people of North Norfolk safe whilst striving to achieve the most appropriate outcome.

Please feel free to contact me directly via telephone 0845 4564567 extension 1204 or email me on
Andy Smith. Sgt 3047
Sheringham Safer Neighbourhood Team