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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 124 - 8 April 2011

Dear Editor,

am a disabled allotment holder, currently treasurer of the local allotment association, who was invited to be part of the 2010 allotment working party which drew up the new tenancy agreement for the new Sheringham allotment site, occupied as of 2011.

When the tenancy agreement was issued in 2011 there was a new clause added by a minority of councillors without consultation to either the allotment working party nor the allotment association. The clause states that greenhouses must be at the rear of allotment plots which puts them at least 50m from the nearest water supply at the front of plots. Tenants are not allowed to use hosepipes.

I challenged the undemocratic inclusion of this clause as it was not in the best interests of allotment holders and made life difficult for older and less able tenants and disabled people like me. Since February 2010 I have asked the council to review this clause but they have refused to do so because the councillors responsible for its addition will go to any lengths so as not to "lose face" by admitting it's a pretty silly clause. These councillors also seem to have let power go to their heads and thereby got the master/servant relationship mixed up, believing that they should dictate to, instead of represent, their voters.

I also reminded the council that as I was a disabled person, which several of them already knew, but denied, they had to make reasonable adjustments as service providers for disabled people so as not to be discriminatory. The council insisted I move to a raised bed plot, designed for people with severe mobility problems, but where you are not allowed a greenhouse at all. I declined. some of the councillors even tried to say I wasn't disabled because I don't look disabled. I found this offensive.

After a year of discrimination against me the council reluctantly agreed to mediation, of sorts, but insisted that I would still have to put my greenhouse at the rear of my plot where they would lay on an additional extra water supply for me at Sheringham residents' expense! The deadline for the council installing the water came and went as in the interim, I was approached and asked to wait until the town council meeting last night, April 5th 2011, where I was led to believe the council would review the greenhouse clause. After all, they have already allowed other people to move their greenhouses to the tops of their plots... so why not me?

I attended the meeting last night and made my feelings known, but to no avail; today I have my very own standpipe at the rear of my allotment plot, paid for by the residents of Sheringham. So after all; having been abused by certain councillors who have made this a personal issue, then having been made to wait yet another month, I'm back where I was in February 2010.

I am writing this because I feel a little aggrieved by all of this, but mainly because I think Sheringham residents should know some of the kind of people spending your money in Sheringham town hall and to remember this when voting for town councillors on 5th May.
Malcolm Birtwell

New Norfolk foods to launch new market

Norfolk food producers are changing the day of their traditional Saturday Producers Market to a Thursday at one of the County’s most popular visitor attractions and to celebrate are launching a range of new Norfolk products for visitors to sample.

As an alternative to the traditional Easter eggs and chicks, new chocolate bunny bolt holes and ducks with nests made by Buns of Fun from Sheringham will set the Easter theme

Jim Marshall of Norfolk Finest Food has created an English grown coriander and gooseberry pickle and a chilli jam for people to try at the launch and new stall holders include the high quality Yare Valley culinary oils, a new product ideal for roasting potatoes or as a salad dressing; all grown, pressed and bottled on the farm at Surlingham.

In addition, new spring cauliflowers and purple sprouting grown in Framingham Earl, tasty pies from Pies, Puds and Tarts, plus the spicy offerings from the Bhaji man and hot sauces and nuts from Norfolk Heatwave will be available to taste.

The new market coordinated by the social enterprise Produced In Norfolk starts on Thursday 21 April at Wroxham Barns 10 am to 1 pm and will run every 3rd Thursday of every month until the end of September.