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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 127 - 1 July 2011

Sheringham Little Theatre

I was doing a spot of idle “Googling” recently and came across the theatre’s web site and also an article in your newspaper [Issue 77 3/8/07] I worked as an assistant stage manager, otherwise known as the ‘lowest of the low’!!, during what was, I think, the summer of 1966, under the direction of Johnathan Meddings.

In order to join Equity I had to change my name as another actress had the same name as me which was then Susan Pitts, so I became Susan Anderson.

I boarded with a young couple and their children. The husband’s name was Bernard and they belonged to the Salvation Army. The theatre was a dusty place in those days, one of my first tasks was to scrub the stage!! We had to borrow props and furniture wherever we could, the local people were unfailingly generous and often lent things, which included large furniture items like armchairs and sofas. We were always very careful and I can’t remember anything being lost or damaged.

A kind man from the Council, whose name was Chamberlain, would take the stage staff under his wing and would often invite us to afternoon tea, or to a meal, with his wife and son.

Around the table at the ChamberlainsHer home cooking was greatly appreciated!  We knew the gentleman who ran the Box Office as “Pop” he would often drive us around the local area on a Sunday. I remember once going out to Sandringham.

(Photograph: Lunch Party at the Chamberlains.  The family are on the left - their son holding the menu.  Pop on the right, then Carol the Stage Manager, a glimpse of me behind Peter our set manager.)

We would also sometimes have lunch at the Smugglers Cave restaurant which I see is still going!! The lady from the nearby pub would bring us a huge bread pudding on dress rehearsal days. This was very welcome as we had often been up most of the night striking the set from the week before.

1966 Stage at Sheringham Little Theatre

I had walk on parts, and a memorable one line part. I think it was at the end of ”Come Blow Your Horn”.   My theatrical career was short lived but I had a wonderful time in those three months. I still have a photo of one of the sets (above), so if there is an archive collection and if anyone would be interested I will post it to you. It is great to know that the Little Theatre is doing so well.

My best wishes for the future.
Kind Regards, Sue Gaunson.Victoria, Australia