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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 130 - 23 September 2011

National Trust LogoMy Special Place

Every child has a “Special Place”, somewhere they go to escape, meet friends, or have an adventure. It can be a dark den under a bed or a sunny grassy field, it can be real or imaginary, large or small. Some children like to keep their special place secret; others like to share it with friends. But whatever qualities make a place special, also make it worth protecting.

In essence, this is what National Trust is all about – looking after special places for ever, for everyone. To celebrate this aspect of it’s work, BMAC is offering schools an opportunity to participate in “My Special Place”, a new residential week designed to teach children how to explore, investigate and protect special places, however large or small.

During their stay, pupils can explore Brancaster harbour by foot, cycle, kayak or boat, carry out scientific investigations to understand and appreciate what makes the area special and learn how to protect our “Special Place” by joining the BMAC instructors and coastal warden undertaking conservation tasks and sustainable development activities.

“It is hoped that the new knowledge and skills the children gain from this week will enable them to discover and care better for their own special places in the future.” says Katherine Tofield, Deputy Centre Manager at BMAC.

If pupils manage to complete all the challenges and activities set during the week, they are awarded their National Trust Young Ranger Acorn Award. This is the first step towards receiving their Young Ranger Oak Leaf Award. This exclusive award is gained once they have protected a special place back home or at school and have shared what they have learnt with others.

As it is a pilot programme, “My Special Place” (Mon – Fri) is available at a greatly discounted rate in 2012 between Jan 30 – Feb 3, Feb 6 – 10, Feb 20 – 24, Feb 27 – Mar 2, 8 – 9 May, July 2 – 6 and July 16 – 20.

If you would like your class to discover more about special places, please contact Brancaster Millennium Activity Centre, tel 01485 210719, or email