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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 138 - 1st June 2012

Local food in the spotlight

Buying local food makes sense. Produce can be fresher, it keeps money in the local economy, you keep in touch with the seasons, and it's fun finding out about the producers of the food and traditional crafts that make the Norfolk coast special.

A long-standing role of the Norfolk Coast Partnership is to promote local producers to help create healthy markets for their products and local food is a particular focus in 2012-13.

This year’s Norfolk Coast Guardian, an annual newspaper published on behalf of the Norfolk Coast Partnership and available for free throughout the area, focuses on local food as its main theme. There are articles by partners and local contributors on how the food is produced by farmers and fishermen and where it is sold. There are plenty of opportunities to sample quality local fare. Many local pubs and hotels proudly serve Norfolk food and drink; there are thriving farmers' markets across the area, and an increasing number of farm shops offering the best of local produce. The local products directory provides more detailed information on over 50 local producers. It can be found on page 16 of the Norfolk Coast Guardian or on the Norfolk Coast Partnership website - see the ‘local products directory pages’ or look at the ‘active map’ and select the ‘producers’ box.

Readers Email

Hi there,
My great grandmother, Enid Millicent Brookes owned a large home (mansion) named "Monksmead". I believe her husband worked at The London Financial Times, & she had two children, a son Brian & a daughter Enid Betti. I remember my grandmother telling me that it was in West Runton or was it West Runyon? Norfolk, perhaps Norfolk Broads?

This I believe was around & shortly after WW2 (world war 2). I am planning a trip to this beautiful area of the world with my small children soon, & was wondering if

a. perhaps you could tell me if my great grandmothers home is still standing?
b. If there are any available pics you could send me please?

I'm sorry I don't have more information to give you, eg an exact address.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanking you for your time
Yours sincerely
Dr Shontel Welby md