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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 140 - 1st August 2012


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Sheringham Carnival LogoSammy the Sea Serpent Book


Written by Rebecca Popham and Illustrated by Peter Kavanagh

Look out for the Carnival story about Sammy available from Starlings, Moshulu, Scissorhands, Bertram A Watts, Blooming Blooms and at the Carnival Caravan, on sale for 1.00.

In 2011 there was a competition orgnised by Sharon Bowen of Shannock Court, to find a mascot for Sheringham Carnival 2011 and James Sadler and Megan Hunter, of Sheringham Primary School, were joint winners in designing Sammy Sea Serpent. A twenty foot long Sammy was duly constructed by Edward Farrow and Rebecca Popham who, together, launched him out to sea on Crowning Day, 2011 (it was quite hairy but our beloved Sheringham RNLI was standing by).

Sammy had a few adventures, including breaking free of his moorings and heading on a collision course with Cromer Pier (we are grateful to Great Yarmouth Coastguard for letting us know) and he entered Sheringham Parade, Cromer Parade and the Raft Race (where he won the whackiest raft prize and came third in the race).

s so popular that in 2012 there is a “Make a model Sammy Sea Serpent” Competition – look out for Shannock Court’s entry of an ENORMOUS 25 ft long Sea Serpent named Oddball Cedric and models from Sheringham Primary School. Rebecca Popham has written a short story book about him (on sale in the town for 1) with illustrations by Sheringham’s own Peter Kavanagh. Peter is an artist and has illustrated over 160 children’s books with ten of them being authored by himself. Thank you Peter for giving so much to your town. Visit Peter’s website for more information on Peter’s work.

Jim Witherspoon ( has sponsored the framing of the original paintings for this book and they can be seen at St Peter’s Church, Sheringham, during carnival week. Grateful thanks go to Blyth and Wright of Sheringham for proudly sponsoring the cost of printing the “Sammy the Sea Serpent” Story – visit their website

Please note, the more books of Sammy the Sea Serpent, and the more progammes that the Carnival can sell, the more that we can donate to the Sheringham RNLI Crew fund who give up their time freely for your safety.