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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 158 - 1st March 2014


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Sheringham Carnival 2014

Sheringham Carnival 2014Crowning Day.

3rd August, Sunday. Lots of "bear" activities going on, up on the Leas. Things to paint and decorate, a catapulting bear game (especially for the boys), bring your own fancy dress bears, MoonGazer Ales (especially for the dads), The Red Barrows (oh yes, Cromer has nothing on us!), and lots more..............

Aerobatic display at 1.30, Crowning of the Queen and royal party at 2pm, announcement of winners of the Ted Devils Name the Bear competition at 2.30pm. Song and Dance to "Bear Necessities" at 2.45pm, arrival of Ted Devils parachute jumpers at 3pm. Followed by Newfoundland Dogs land display and announcement of Bear Closest to The Mark, Winner.

Then all go home for a gin and tonic!

Ted Devils Name the Bear 2014 Sheringham Carnival

This is Major Accident from the Norfolk Bear Force. And who is to say what the uniform is, that the Bear Force wear? To argue the point they would have to be as nutty as me!!  Major Accident was sent by General Incompetence to whip the novice parachute jumpers into shape. It's not a difficult job, bit of a Teddy Bear's Picnic, really.

A quick run down on the bears! Since they are, at the moment, nameless, I shall use the generic "he". That is not to imply they are boys!! We shan't know till they have been named.

Ted Devils Name the Bear 2014 Sheringham Carnival Royboys Heroes Bear is very laid back. He has never jumped before but he has heard about it from all his Hero mates and is confident he can do it. As a result, he spends most of his time eating bacon sandwiches, roast dinners and talking to the locals. He will need to watch his weight! as the plane is VERY small.
Ted Devils Name the Bear 2014 Sheringham Carnival Blyth & Wright's Bear has a nifty little tabard made for him, just like the girls in the shop wear and he thinks that is very smart! He is a bit nervous but determined to do his best cos all the ladies of the shop keep giving him cuddles and encouragement and he wants to make them proud of him.
Ted Devils Name the Bear 2014 Sheringham Carnival Sander's Coaches Bear doesn't have a lot of time for training because he is out on the coaches much of the time. He has a very fine outfit and, have you SEEN his boots? You can see your face in them! He would rather be a coach driver than jump out of a plane but he volunteered and so he will see it through. (Actually, he'd rather be an astronaut but there is not a lot of call for that in Norfolk so he thought being a coach driver would be more reliable). He is supporting the Sports Association and is a bit of a dab hand at all sports.
Ellie's Cafe's Bear has a happy life sampling ice creams and waving to the children - when not on the rugby field! Thanks to rugby, he is used to getting himself out of tricky situations so is looking forward to jumping out of the plane and seeing where the wind takes him!
Ted Devils Name the Bear 2014 Sheringham Carnival Dawn Fresh's Bear spends most of his time with the little children in the Hospice - they can't do something this adventurous so he will do it for them. He believes in eating bananas to make him fit and healthy - like his friend, Baloo the Bear.
Ted Devils Name the Bear 2014 Sheringham Carnival

Sheringham Carnival's Bear is a bit of a worrier - he has so many groups looking to him that he feels the pressure and is really paying attention in his lessons from Major Accident. He doesn't want to let anyone down but needs to relax a bit or he could end up with ... A Nasty Accident! However, he knows that he has a snazzy flying outfit and a super parachute (thanks to SiS) and even a pair of goggles to protect his eyes. He feels like Biggles! And if Biggles can do it... well then, so can he! Poor Carnival Bear. He is now wondering if he needed flippers and a snorkel!! And maybe a rubber ring.

Carnival Bear has no home until the Carnival Caravan is out and about but Bertram A Watts have taken pity on him and will put him in their window for the time being. Pop along and give him an encouraging wave! Better still, pop inside and give him a name.

Ted Devils, Sheringham Carnival 2014The bears do not need to worry, about drowning/getting too wet, hopefully the RNLI and the Lifeguards will be on hand to save them, but a strong onshore wind has been requested for 3pm on Sunday 3rd August (for ten minutes only!)

One thing all the bears agree on, they would feel much braver with a NAME rather than a number. Can you help them out? For 1 you can think of a name for one of the bears. Or all of the bears. Visit their headquarters and add your name to the sheet. Who knows, you could be in with a chance to win 100 whilst supporting worthy causes.