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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 161 - 1st June 2014


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Samantha, a new allotment holder shares her experiences of getting, starting and maintaining an allotment.

I am a new allotment holder at the Weybourne Road Allotments. My nine year daughter Sienna and I really wanted to keep chickens and grow our own fruit and vegetables, as a hobby for both of us to do together, as I work full time and Sienna has long school hours. It just gives quality time together and encourages Sienna to eat everything we grow.

I became aware of the allotments when I saw a Town Council sign in the town and excited I went straight home and rang the town hall number. I spoke to a lovely lady called Sally, who informed me there were plots available. I went down to see Sally at the town hall looked over the tenancy agreement paid my money. I was informed that I needed public liability insurance and that I could do all this via the WRAHA. I then spoke to Malcolm Birtwell, treasurer of WRAHA a very helpful man who sorted out all my public liability, so promptly that in fact I was allowed on my allotment the very same day.

I've had my allotment for around two months now, when I took it over it had been rotivated fully, so after collecting some of the larger stones from my plot, I started on planting it out immediately. I am down on my allotment every single day, at least twice a day as I have The Girls; by that I mean our six beautiful ex-battery hens to let out and care for.

I am growing everything known to man; runner beans, broad beans, French beans and dwarf fruit trees, the list is endless. I am on my second sowing of carrots, as the first set failed. I think it was my error not theirs! All I can say is that everything looks good so far.

I have found everybody I have met on the allotments so far to be a great source of information, everyone is willing to swap ideas and tips and plants or seeds and I feel I have been accepted into “The Sheringham Allotment Clan” very well. 

I would recommend having an allotment without a doubt. It’s my piece of paradise as it gives me so much pleasure and a real sense of old fashioned community spirit. My only word of caution would be to make sure you take on the size plot that you can manage. Also remember there is a pest for everything you grow so be prepared to commence battle by any means. The only thing I think that could be improved on the site is I definitely would like to see onsite toilet facilities, and also a communal composting heap.


Samantha has done a fantastic job of starting from scratch on her allotment and is already enjoying her own eggs and produce from her ten rod plot.

If anyone in Sheringham would like an allotment plot simply contact Sally, deputy clerk at Sheringham Town Council on 01263 822213 or email to discuss details and terms.

There is only a small waiting list at the moment and the town council is keen to let plots as soon as they become available.

Malcolm Birtwell, Sheringham Town Councillor and Treasurer of WRAHA.