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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 162 - 1st July 2014


We need your help to raise funds for our branch, all you need to do is sign up using the link below and every time you shop online with a participating store, they will make a donation to us at no cost to yourself.  Please help us.

WWI Lights Out Campaign

LIGHTS OUT - One Million Candles to Remember

Lights Out is an invitation to everyone in the UK to turn off their lights from 10pm until 11pm, leaving on a single light or candle for this shared moment of reflection to mark the 100th Anniversary of the date Great Britain entered the First World War.

We know that Sheringham paid a high price during this war, there are 75 names listed on our War Memorial who died during this conflict.  These are not just names; they each represent an individual who died prematurely, fighting for our freedom.  They were also somebody's son, husband, father, grandfather and/or friend.  Their lives mattered and their loss was felt deeply for many, many years, long after the War had ended.  They should never be forgotten and neither should their families who also paid the price.

We have no idea of the number of men and women from Sheringham who came back from the War with life changing injuries, both physical and mental.  These individuals should also be remembered as they had to live with the results for years, never forgetting the horrors, in fact a living nightmare.

Sheringham will be marking this special anniversary with two events on Monday 4th August.

We would like to invite you all to join us at The War Memorial in Sheringham at 10.45am, where we will be holding a short service to Commemorate the beginning of World War I.  During this service you can lay a wreath or posy.  To differentiate between Remembrance and this Commemoration, we are asking that you do not lay traditional poppies, but instead Pink and White flowers with sprigs of Rosemary for Remembrance.

In the evening, at The War Memorial we will be holding a candle-lit vigil between the hours of 10pm until 11pm.  If you would like to come along and join us for this hour of quiet reflection there will be candles available, or you can bring your own.  M&S are selling a special Centenary Candle with all profits going to support serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their families.

If you cannot join us at The War Memorial, please, wherever you are, light a candle or have a single light on at home.

Please come and pay your respects to all those who sacrificed their lives and their futures during this conflict.  We Will Remember Them.