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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 180 - 1st January 2016


Alzheimer's Society LogoA month ago we asked our e-campaigners to email the Secretary of State for Health, asking him to ensure that dementia diagnosis rates were made a key metric in the new CCG scorecards.

Clinical Commissioning Groups, or CCGs, are the organisations that are responsible for managing the local health services in your area. They are responsible for ensuring that things like referrals are timely and medications are appropriate, but they have a lot of different priorities. It's essential that dementia is one of them.

Almost 4000 of you emailed Jeremy Hunt MP, asking him to include dementia diagnosis rates in the new CCG rating system. Last week, he announced that he would be working with Alzheimer’s Society to review key statistics on dementia to be included on the scorecard, which is great news for everyone affected by dementia.

Find out more about this great news, and what our Chief Executive had to say here.

Find out more about our Right to Know campaign here.

Thank you.

Alice & the Alzheimer’s Society Campaigns team