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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 193 - 1st February 2017

Sheringham Viking Festival 2017

The Viking Festival 2017

Once again the ever popular Viking Festival will be undertaken in Sheringham in February.

The Festival will take place on Saturday 18th February in and around our lovely town of Sheringham.

However, on Sat 11th February, from 11.00 am onwards, there will be a shield making workshop at Oddfellows Hall engaging young folk (of all ages) when final touches will be put to the Longboat under the expert guidance of local artist Colin Seal who said “I find it very rewarding to see young people of our community getting involved in projects such as this where they can be appreciated for what they can do”
Colin needs about 20 shields to be made and decorated which will be affixed to the vessel and is very keen to have these sponsored as well as sponsorship for the naming of the Ship so please don’t be shy, come forward and sponsor your own special shield, only to watch it razed from this world and sent to the next in a ball of fire. Call Colin on 01263 823261 or 07879 681227 for sponsorship details.

The main event takes place on Sat 18th when mayhem will ensue on the streets of Sheringham with pitched battles taking place throughout the town. There will be a beacon lit on the Leas and a video film pertaining to the Vikings shown at the Mo throughout the day. The Parade will commence at Ottendorf Green at about 6.00 pm culminating in the burning of the ship in true Viking style on the beach at Ellie’s Café on the west promenade.