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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 196 - 1st May 2017


Well hello there, and welcome to this, the latest edition of squit, other ise known as Hearsay.

In this month’s edition excitement is afoot as our local, and indeed national General Elections are about to take place. Yes I’m afraid to say half a Norwegian forest has been felled to provide for all the leaflet drops through our letter boxes in recent days. I have amassed quite a collection already.

As I believe strongly in recycling, some of the smaller leaflets I have put to good use by using them as book marks and the like. They also are quite good for coloured collages especially when you’re entertaining the kids during one these over numerous school holidays.

Books they tell us on the news are making a comeback, together with vinyl records and violent crime. This is somewhat ironic when I notice that our very own Bertram Watts book sellers of many years is to close. Although it seems the decision was through retirement and not as it might be, due to the electronic web age of Kindle books and the like. I expect though that they all have a part to play in the wider scheme of things.

So Gossipy juicy tittle-tattle is abound as it would appear that the place is sold. So what is to become of it? Well so far as one would imagine it has been suggested from those in the know of course, that its going to be turned into everything from Weatherspoons Pub to the a lap dancing night club and not as someone told me a laptop dancing club, the pictures I had in my head of middle aged folks doing some sort of primeval dance atop a small flat computer on a drinks bar in a seedy club was hilarious. And although that sort of kinky genre might just as easily catch on as easily any other wacko notion of sadomasochism, perhaps Sheringham isn’t quite ready for that just yet.

You never know though, given a couple of years when the 40s weekend loses momentum and folk start looking around for something new, after all let’s face it, Morris dancing must have been a new idea once, and that was some kind of fertility ritual. Anyway moving swiftly on, or not as it would appear because the work of building round a bouts in this part of the world is relentless. Thankful as we are, of the infrastructure this brings us, however the disruption we have to endure is epic. Still when it’s all done we will have a road system second to none in the western world, well, at least between Cromer and Holt. Many hours of journey time have been added as we wait for the lights to turn green at this Felbrigg round a bout project. But as time goes on we realize that there are “short cuts” that avoid the hiatus at the junction and when taken (if you dare due to the very narrow nature of the road) and these so called short cuts which actually add a couple of miles do mean that one does not have to wait in a line of stationary parked cars for hours on end. Oh the benefits of having a little local knowledge!

What is it about waiting in traffic we can’t stand? We will do almost anything to avoid it and that means doing many extra road miles on pokey, almost unmade dirt tracks of Norfolk to bypass these road works. Of course I use the word “we” that should have read me, as when I tried these muses out in practice I was the only other driver doing the same, and even then I was not entirely sure the other person driving wasn’t a hopelessly lost German airman from the second world war still trying to find his way out of the road sign-less maze that we call rural North Norfolk.

I can vouch most heartedly about this as every single junction bar none was there absolutely no road signage what so ever! It seems even the Satnavs dare not venture down through these depths of pastoral Eastern coastal tundra. Me thinks yet another reason why this part of the world is still by the greater scheme of things unspoilt. And may that continue I hear you traditionalists howl. Well that’s as maybe, but I’d still like to see a proper road and rail link for three of North Norfolk’s Largest communities, Kings Lynn, Norwich and Great Yarmouth although the least said about the latter the better.

Happy and safe driving to you all.

Till next time take care now, Vic.