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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 198 - 1st July 2017


And what a turn of events the Country has seen itself go through recently. At least with the rain coming down as it is as I pen this note the grass in the roads will grow again. Having as it has been one of the driest and hottest spells for many a year. Sadly those of us who are old enough to remember short trousers this is nothing new, but for the those young individuals with little or no experience of life who create our news headlines it must be for them, quite exciting to do a report on the Country having 5 nice days in a row and they call that a heat wave! To me it’s been more of a thumbs up.

Now of course, with a heavy heart and in true British fashion, it’s pouring with rain on the Royal Norfolk Show! Indeed The British people have had good reason to be of heavy heart with recent terrorist atrocities and fires and the winning of the General Election by the Labour party! Well according to the great British unbiased bastion of democratic fairness, that is our very own BBC.

Moving swiftly on about that as one could be drawn into political debate from which only discourse and insanity will prevail. Sheringham, like the rest of the nation holds its breath in waiting for the outcome of the great political deals that must be struck with Europe to give us the best start for the future. It’s started with the DUP and now up and onwards to pastures even greener than Northern Ireland.

It’s a shame really to think that we will probably no longer be able to claim for European money in Sheringham for road dressing our streets with red bricks to show motorists where pedestrians cross the road. No more widening the same said pavements by 18 inches and the like. Me thinks I might just miss this inventiveness on how to waste money, although I’m sure there are many council and local government officials eagerly awaiting in the wings to take the European officials places.

Of the many changes Brexit may bring about, I think I am most excited about the fact that my bananas in future will not have rules imposed upon them as to their correct curve and shape they have to be to comply with regulations. Much of the silly red tape and restrictions that is currently loaded into our lives might well be resigned to the history books. And who knows perhaps we might reinstate the good old pint, ounce and pounds of weight to their rightful pride of place in the butcher’s (If you’re still lucky enough to have one to go to) window displays.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not an imperialist, just an old traditionalist romantic at heart. And not so much of the old eh! The future is important too and new houses are springing up very quickly, and it seems every available square inch of land has either been promised to building or about to be developed in some way. Another thank you then to all our European and world wide cousins as well as our own kin for wanting to settle in this part of the world creating an even busier town than it is already. These gentle folk of every conceivable denomination seem to love our coastline, fauna and flora, and although most of these new builds will I am sure, eventually end up as somebody’s sleep over house by the sea we embrace them with impunity as per usual.

In my line of business a regular customer is now deemed to be a person we see once every year! Thank God for their being lots of them. Sadly not enough during the winter when you might be lucky on casual passing trade but from the local residential point of view this sector is diminishing fast. So long live the Sheringham Festivals, Carnivals and 40's week ends.

We could do with inventing more and more of these events from now on, in fact we could do with something every week of the year. Lets have a Victorians, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 6)s, 70s, 80s, 90s, weeks etc we could have festivals of cultural food like Chinese, Indian, Jamaican, American, Armenian, Bulgarian, etc etc and so on food weeks, lets keep the themes and ideas coming so that Sheringham becomes the most cosmopolitan town in the land embracing everyone and everything except barbiturates.

Although having a hippy week would be rather fun! So until next time I write. Get your thinking caps on and write in with your favourites.

Till next time, take care now Vic.