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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 200 - 1st September 2017


Welcome, welcome and thrice times welcome to this the 200th edition of Hearsay.

This month I can only express my complete surprise at the twentieth anniversary of Princess Dianna’s death that without reminder has crept up upon us all. Who’d have thought that event came round without any kind of press recognition or television coverage! Of course I jest, quite the opposite in fact. I don’t think there could have been a single soul on the planet in the western world who did not know that event was imminent. Of course it brings back painful memories for many of us as we remember where we were on that momentous occasion. For me it was especially painful as I was taking my family to Warwick Castle, and it cost me a small fortune for the entrance fee! I shall never forget that one in a hurry!

Joking aside; for many others, especially those conspiratorial ones amongst you who still feel that the authorities never really got to the real truth of it all. Sadly for those folk only time will out that one, perhaps not for many, many decades to come, if indeed there is anything to answer to.

Anyway back in the here and now and the just passed, Sheringham Carnival passed in a flurry of cold and wet with a lots of groups of walking entertainers instead of decorated floats yet all passed peacefully.

Unlike that of our friends over in Cromer who had more than their fair share of low level crime to contend with. This of course, quite rightly was amended and upgraded by those that should have known better in the first place to behaviour that was none other than dammed right despicable. Certain visitors than I can only liken to human locusts descended on that town and mined it of all common decency. This crime wave was reported by those who know better as low level antisocial behaviour, where in reality it was more like theft, threats and extortion with hand to hand aggressive man handling of the business people who are there to serve.

No one ever said in the aftermath that this sort of treatment of local shop keepers should not be tolerated and is abhorrent in a modern law abiding society and should be stamped out. The perpetrating vermin were moved on in the end to cast their dark evil shadow in someone else’s back door, presumably to continue this scourge ad infinitum. No blame shall I lay at anyone’s door but surly sooner or later someone will have to take the bull by the horns and show these people that crime must not pay. There enough said.

Now walking down the prom end of the High Street the other night I actually stopped to read the planning notice that has been tied to a post at what was the Shannocks Pub many moons ago. As I have numerously commented on before this property have been the bane of the town tidy police for years. I was intrigued to read that planning permission had been applied for the same said property to be demolished and transformed into a four story building fit for commercial units and domestic accommodation, with the caveat written in long hand at the end stating “not the car park” which, I have to admit would make common sense.

This however now ails my vision of a community lighthouse for crab shipping, complete with a drop in centre for lonely hearts dog walkers and soft comfort area for those in need of solace who are still reeling from the Brexit result. And at this rate we just might need an early missile warning station for any future Trump visits to the UK. Not that he’d come via the North Pole but one never knows in these dark days of world madness.

Anything and every thing seems to be accepted. Behaviour of every ilk is tolerated and if it isn’t or is offensive then one has to curb those thought and suppress them into your very being otherwise you’ll be excommunicated by the P C brigade that is turning the planet into a nanny state of pre biblical proportions.

I am now going for a lie down, as this whole life thing is just a tad too much. At least we have the 40s weekend to look forward to in a little under a fortnight’s time. Again the town’s numbers will swell to more that 150000 souls all vying for a free bus ride to Holt. Jolly hockey sticks what! But it’s all in good fun. Cheers to the organisers, and all those who make this happen.

Here’s hoping for a trouble human locust free event that all can enjoy.
‘Till next time, take care now, Vic.