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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 202 - 1st November 2017


Well, well, well. Three holes in the ground? How we hope we should all be feeling? Or in this case just an interesting prefix to start this month’s column. I do hope that you all survived the night of ghoulish terrors and lecherous fondling from hideous ghastly predatory creatures grabbing any and everything they can get their hands on.

No I’m not referring to our own parliamentary brethren I was in fact referring to the festive frivolities of Halloween that seem effortlessly to gain in popularity up and down the land. This custom of begging for sweets, money and other treats, seems to have been inherited from the USA. And judging from the size of some of the cauldrons of sweets and other goodies that were collected these little children soon run the risk of, at best a huge sugar rush and at worst an ingested copy cat form of child obesity, should the little darlings had consumed all the same said booty before bed time!

Still me thinks that around Sheringham, on the whole, most dressed up spooks were very well behaved and chose to ignore in the most part those households that chose not to engage in such frivolity. In good old time tradition my front door was closed locked and bolted and the house plunged into pitch darkness for the whole evening! Mainly due to not paying the electric bill! No, not really but it had you going there didn’t it.

Actually we had a party on the previous Saturday, with pumpkins fake blood and sticky latex open sores, which incidentally made for a very unappetising cake I can tell you. Still the peeps came and a good time was had by all.

And by all accounts we can all do with some good times as yet again atrocity plagues the news in many parts of the world as I put pen to paper. It all depends on how you view atrocity though and some here in Sheringham might say that the news that our Nobby’s store is closing is somewhat of a catastrophe, let alone the news that is circulating of late that it might be replaced by another Superdrug like store, not unlike the Savers store that set up next door only in the summer. I have patronised Nobby’s for many years and for me was part of my weekly Saturday shopping ritual and I shall miss dreadfully.

News is spreading that Store 21 is now going to sell inexpensive books etc and that the empty gents outfitters is to become yet another coffee outlet, to some is an outrage. But then again this is all hearsay at the moment hence the name of this very piece. So don’t panic just yet. After all it could be that a victim support shop could come there for the victims of sexual abuse in public office. Sadly me thinks that that might take up the space of most of the retail space in the whole of Sheringham and, at the moment be kept busy for the foreseeable future it would seem. Is there no one out there in the public eye that has not been involved in inappropriate shenanigans? I really have been going to the wrong parties for all these years or as it turns out all the right ones.

With that party mode in mind, the big “C” word is approaching fast, and the anticipation of a White Christmas rears its place in the news again as it does every year. Doomsday merchants are again predicting the coldest winter on record is about land upon us. Ho, ho, ho is what I say. The last time Sheringham had snowfall on Christmas Day was in 1970! That was more than just one generation ago. Anyway, in these days of uncertainty on the fiscal, political and climatic fronts, we will as they say have to put up with what we get.

It’s what makes the UK special, after all we do put up with an awful lot! I hope to have, by the next time I write a little more news on the state of the shops and Xmas lights and this year’s possible Xmas lights sprouts in the window competition.

Intrigued? You will be! So until then I’m off to find a quiet corner of the Bahamas if there’s anything left to inhabit whilst the firework celebrations are on, which like last year will probably go on till February! So until then, take care now.