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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 73 - 13 April 2007


Kanaan Haz, HungaryIt was cold and very dark at 2am when we started our journey to Stanstead Airport on Thursday 15th March. We were on our way to Hungary to lend a hand to the ongoing renovation of Kanaan Haz, a building that will be used to help and accommodate destitute and distressed mothers with babies/children, and also young girls in great need. Not a typical holiday for a couple of lads in their twenties!

We were met at Balaton Airport by Brian Anderson, who has worked full time at Kanaan since June 2004. He and his wife have given up their business in Britain to dedicate the next few years of their lives to oversee the construction of this building, which will come into partial use from April 6th this year.

Kanaan Haz, HungaryIt is an inspiration to meet people who are willing to give up their comfortable western life to help and protect those who are unable to protect themselves. I hope that it would not come as a surprise that these people have been driven by their Christian faith and it is wonderful to see their faith in action. It is also a privilege to take part in this work.

Though our visit was very labour intensive, (laying floors, skimming walls, putting up partition walls, mixing concrete and being general dogs bodies!), it was very satisfying. We were very well looked after by the local Baptist Church, who took us into their homes and fed us until we couldn't eat any more!

Kanaan Haz, HungaryThe nine days that we were able to help soon passed by, but there is a continuing need for workers, materials and finance to support the ongoing work. Over the next year or so the rest of the building will be completed, but they rely totally on people's generosity. Local lady Evelyn Smith, who is committed to helping the homeless and single parents, is the director of Kanaan Haz. If you feel moved to help or give in any way, please contact the @ Sheringham who will be able to pass your details on.

We would like to say 'thank you' to Brian, Julia and Evelyn who told us about this, and all the wonderful Hungarians who fed us so well!


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