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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 74 - 11 May 2007

North Norfolk Cats Lifeline Trust

RUMOURS are funny things. Beware especially those that begin with "I know for a fact that".

Nncats.jpg (6254 bytes)Recently, we have had rather a lot of these, which I would like to quash. So, NO, my house is not up for sale, neither am I emigrating to Germany (!!). Our cats were also surprised to learn that they had been "got rid of", and that the cattery is closed/closing/or being forcibly closed by the RSPCA.

Despite the attack, which left me with a broken neck; my recent cancer operation, etc., etc. I am still able to cope although disabled, and am fully in charge as always, thanks to the help of my loyal friends, plus several new helpers. I also still do my housework, and look after my own sixteen rescued cats.

Gay Rees.Trust Administrator, North Norfolk Cats Lifeline TrustHoming is going well. As cats leave for new homes, we take more in. (Did you see Jake our three-legged cat on Anglia TV? He has been happily homed).

Publicity in various newspapers and TV has been very useful and our 200 plus members have all received their usual newsletter, so I was rather startled to learn that I was dead!

However, this is not a Spirit message, but if these interest you, then you should have come along to our Evening of Clairvoyance on  April at Sheringham Community Centre.  This was a complete sell out and raised over 400 for the cats.

Gay Rees.Trust Administrator, North Norfolk Cats Lifeline Trust, South Hollow, Sheringwood, Beeston Regis, Sheringham,  Norfolk, NR26 8TS.  Telephone: 01263 822560.


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