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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 76 - 6 July 2007

Our Troops in Afghanistan need your help and support

Many of you already know me; as the saying goes, I have been around for years! But for those of you, who do not, I am a local girl who left to join the Army way back in 1978, married a serving soldier and returned to Sheringham when he had completed his service. Over the years we returned many times as we had bought our own property here ready for our return and have always kept abreast and involved in what is happening here at home. There are several things that we hold close to our hearts, some of them are family, community, our Armed Services and our Country. It is for one of these that I am making an appeal. I am a firm believer that whether you agree with the conflict that our troops are taking part in or not, the men and women deserve our appreciation and support. After all, they choose to serve their Country but do not choose where they are posted. Everyone serving currently is a son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife or friend, wherever they are in the world, they are there because their Country has sent them.

Some of our troops currently serving in Afghanistan are in need of some morale boosting from the civilian population and that is where you come in. Warrant Officer Class 2 Eddie Craven, the Welfare Officer based in Afghanistan is working on a project to decorate and enhance the Morale, Recreation and Welfare hut. His aim is to try and give the girls and boys he is looking after somewhere they can go to relax and take their minds off what is happening outside the base. The hut is very bland and bare compared to the other coalition forces huts, which are decorated with banners, flags, gifts and other reminders and messages of support for people at home. Camp Alamo, near Kabul is home to the UK Leadership Training Team, (UKLTT) and their role is to train and mentor the Afghan Army and the team is made up of varied cap badges. Little gestures go a long way when you are in a foreign land under stressful circumstances and their morale will be lifted to know that people, other than immediate family and friends, care and recognise the work that they are doing.

If you would like to send them a letter of support, a card to give them a giggle, or a 'Goodie parcel' as we used to call them, it would make all the difference. They are in need of basic toiletries like razor heads MAC3/fushion, moisterisers, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc. If you would like to send them small gifts, for example, puzzle books, playing cards, indeed anything that will help to pass the time or just make them smile, anything at all, it will be gratefully received. We are not asking for large expensive items. A painting from a child that just says underneath, 'come home safe', can change your mood for days.

If you would like to send directly to them please send to: 24713005 WO2 (QMSI) Eddie Craven, Welfare Officer, UKLTT, OCS, Camp Alamo, BFPO 758. Postage is charged at UK mainland rates and packages must not weigh more than 2kg.

Alternatively, we have a collection box up here in the office and there will also be one in the SheringhamPlus Office, 3 Station Road, Sheringham. If you would like to put in a small item or letter/card, please drop them in and we will send them on your behalf. We hope to have more collection points later as this is going to be ongoing for the foreseeable future. Please be aware that they are not allowed any alcohol at all, it is a completely dry zone, so please do not send any over. Any items unsuitable to send to them will be used in a raffle or tombola to help to raise money towards the costs of postage.

Please support us in this appeal, they are always there for us when we need them, let us be there for them now they need us.

Matthew Perrott Carpet Supplier, Sheringham, Norfolk, uk