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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 82 - 21 December 2007

Do not believe the Stereotypes

Sheringham High School Girls 24 hour badminton 2007On Friday the 23rd of November at 2pm our group who were Dana Thaxter, Kerrie Sheridan, Becky Hurn, Charlie Sorrell, Amy Colman and Jennie Holt began our 24-hour badminton marathon. We did this to raise money for Save the Children, which our school has chosen to be their charity for charities week, which is happening on the 10th to the14th of December.

Our event took place in our school hall at Sheringham High School, we were under constant supervision by our parents and members of staff who we are very grateful to, and would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of those who helped us by giving up their own free time to support us, especially Mr Peaker.
Sheringham High School Girls 24 hour badminton 2007To keep us interested and awake we invented many new and different games and ways of playing badminton such as sitting on the floor in a zigzag formation and seeing how many times we could get the shuttlecock from one end to another. We also made loads of cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

We are very proud of this achievement because as teenagers we feel we are stereotyped as being vandals and irresponsible, by organising this ourselves we feel we have proven that as teenagers we can handle responsibility in a mature and sensible way. We hope you have enjoyed hearing about our event. Thank you.

By Jennie Holt, Dana Thaxter and Kerrie Sheridan

I had the pleasure of meeting these young ladies and they are bright, level headed and a credit to themselves, their parents and the High School.  Well Done.  Ed.


Matthew Perrott the carpet supplier, Sheringham, Norfolk