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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 86 - 11 April 2008

Save our Post Offices

Trevor Ivory launches a campaign to save out beleaguered Post Offices as Gordon Brown is set to embark on another 2,500 closures across the country.

As the Government gets ready to begin a consultation about which Post Offices in Norfolk to close, Trevor Ivory has expressed concern that the closures will fall disproportionately on the county's rural areas where the Post Office is most important.

"Post Offices have been closing at a rate of 10 a week since Gordon Brown first came to power in 1997 and these cuts have often been in rural areas where the Post Office is a necessity, not just a convenience. For many of the most vulnerable people in our rural communities, especially the elderly and the least well off, the local Post Office is often the only means of accessing vital financial services," explained Mr Ivory as he hit out at Gordon Brown's record on the Post Office.

Speaking at the launch of a high profile campaign against the closure of any more Post Offices, Mr Ivory said, "Gordon Brown has spent the last five years destroying the Post Office's business and now he is twisting the knife by closing those very same Post Offices that he has made unviable."

Mr Ivory is leading a campaign that includes a petition in Post Offices across North Norfolk and he is urging everyone to sign it.
"For too many of our villages, the Post Office is all that is left; the pub and the shops closed down years ago and that is why our Post Offices are so important. They are not just businesses, they are the heart of many communities and we must do more to save them."

The petition is available in Post Offices across North Norfolk and is also available online at

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