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@ Sheringham Community Paper - Issue 91 - 29th August 2008


Sheffield resident David Wrottesley, 68, has given 3,000 to the North Norfolk Railway's Sheringham Crossing appeal.

Mr Wrottesley first visited Sheringham at the age of seven, and was invited by the signalman to turn the wheel that operated the level crossing gates. His father, A.J. Wrottesley, was a keen railway enthusiast who wrote the definitive history of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway published in 1970.

Mr Wrottesley, himself an enthusiast and former British Railways employee, writes:
"I inherited my father's ticket collection and just decided to sell some. I am sure my father would have wanted your organisation to benefit from his railway interest. This is especially so at the moment, where I see you have got agreement to "reconnect" across Sheringham: this was a hope he had for many years."

The Railway's project director, Julian Birley, said: "This is a very generous and nostalgic start to the appeal. David's father's book is pretty much of a bible for all of us on the Railway, and it's inspiring to think that he is still helping the old "Muddle & Go Nowhere" line to prosper."

Local residents living in the NR25, NR26, NR27 and NR28 postcodes who contribute 20 or more to the appeal will qualify for a three-year pass giving them travel on the Poppy Line at 25% of normal fares (special events and dining trains excepted).

Donations and pledges should be sent to the Crossing Appeal, Sheringham Station NR26 8RA, please make cheques payable to:

North Norfolk Railway plc (Level Crossing)

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