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Sheringham Community Paper

Did you know that Sheringham Primary School and Sheringham High School are aiming to provide an After School Club for 4 to 14 year olds? Hooray I hear you cry!

The schools are working very closely with the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership (EYDCP) to have this up and running by September this year.

We spoke to Ruth Taylor from the EYDCP to get the story so far.
"The Steering Group has just received funding from the Lotteries New Opportunities Fund for the After School Club based in the High School and they have applied for funding for the Holiday Scheme at the Primary School. There will be 40 places in total to include children with special needs split into two classes, one for 4-10 yrs and the other for 11-14 yrs."

The committee is very keen to get not just the parents of the children who could be using this facility involved, but to include the community as a whole.

"We currently have a small steering group with 7 members and we would ideally like to increase this number to include people from the Sheringham community. The Club itself will also rely on volunteers to help support the qualified staff and we will need to start recruiting now in order for security checks to be completed by September."

We hope to have more detailed information about the club later in the summer, but if you would like to become involved in the After School Club in any way please contact Ruth Taylor (EYDCP) on 01603 598485.
Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper

Have you any funny stories about things your children have said?
Let us have them, we would love to hear from you.

Whilst on holiday in Cyprus recently my family and I sat down to eat at a lovely restaurant. The waiter welcomed us and promptly offered us the food menus. I asked to see the wine menu, to which my 5 year old daughter said "And I'll need the water menu please…"

I overheard my son being teased by his two older cousins about secrets they knew about but wouldn't tell him and giggling to one another. "Well that's nothing" he smiled "Coz I've got a secret that even I don't know!!"
Sheringham Community Paper KIDZ CORNER

Okay, all you children aged 1 - 12 years, this column is for you.  Enter the competition(s) and you may win a prize.

There are ten differences between the pictures below, can you spot them?

Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper
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Sheringham Community Paper We will be hiding Beaky in every issue, maybe more than once and at different sizes - see if you can spot him.

When you do, write and tell us what page(s) he is on and where, giving the same details as before.
Small prize for the winner.
He's in THIS issue, can you find him?

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The above renamed group have now secured further funding for the 'Leisure Link' Project, 2,000 has been given by a local charity for the benefit of youngsters in Sheringham. This now makes 3,000 in total.

Two parties of youngsters have been taken to venues in the area, one on 19th February, school half term, to 4 Action Sports in Norwich which caters for Archery, Paintball and Quad Bikes, and on 28th February a trip to Funkey Munkeys in Norwich, which is a Rollerskating facility.

The group has grown from a Public meeting, held in January 2002 to discuss problems which relate to Drink or Drug related vandalism and Anti social behaviour in Sheringham. Particular comments were aired regarding what was thought to be a lack of entertainment for young people in the town.

This was followed by meetings with youngsters at the High School. Meetings with the youngsters and Mike Goodwin the Headmaster were very positive and open. It is proposed to run two trips per month on the Leisure Link bus, we are also hoping to run some linked to the school with the Police and Fire Service.

The group would like to thank the North Walsham Area Community Transport Association for their help and supplying the busses, also Sheringham High School for their help with the clerical support, and the YESU and Hilltop for supplying Escorts to make the whole thing work.
Brian Hannah

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