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What do kids of high school age eat? Is it really as bad as we think? Our roving reporter returned to the High School to conduct a survey and find out.

With more than 90% eating less than 4 pieces of fruit and 84% of them eating less than 4 portions of vegetables a day (4% were vegetarians), are they consuming all the necessary vitamins to help them take in all the information from their classes? We asked them "if your parents aren't at home and you fancy something to eat what would you do?" 2 out of 3 children would grab a packet of crisps, bar of chocolate or a biscuit; nearly 20% would bung a box in the microwave. There were a few however, 12%, who would reach for the fruit bowl, but only 10% would take it upon themselves to spend 20 minutes or more making dinner for themselves.

As parents we expect our children to do their best at school but are we providing them with the nutrients to be capable of doing that? Teenagers are renowned for being lethargic. Let's face it, if your teenager rolls out of bed before noon at the weekend it's known as a minor miracle. So dust down your fruit bowl and get your vegetable peeler out. We're lucky enough to have some great Greengrosers in Sheringham who offer some unusual green things as well as traditional produce. Go on, put your foot down, besides if their aren't any biscuits, crisps and chocolate in the house it's better for us too!

But what about their taste in food? Well we have teens with quite a cosmopolitan palate choosing Chinese, Italian, and Indian on pretty much an even scale. However, our great British Sunday Roast still proves to be a winner with 28%. It seems Mum's cooking is still the best. The only other competitors to mum's kitchen, with 26% of the kids, is Ronald and the Colonel recipes where the allure of eating out of plastic containers and a free toy with your meal proves that even though the kids of Sheringham have to travel over 20 miles to get one of those burgers they feel it's worth the hike. There were no Vegans, and no children who followed a Kosher or Halal diet (the majority of the pupils had never heard of these). If this question was asked in a city school the knowledge and statistics would be completely different.

Our local issue question was " Would you like to see Station Road as a pedestrianised area?" 60% said Yes and 40% said No. A lot of them adding that they dreaded walking down the road in the summer as it would either take "forever" to get down or was "dangerous" as they had to walk in the road if they were in a rush. (Please take note Council Candidates).

With our troops in Iraq it would be ridiculous not to take this opportunity to find out how the pupils at Sheringham High School feel. So did they feel the Coalition would find and remove Saddam Hussein? Our school contact Kevin Levy informed us that several pupils were intending on joining the forces in July, who knows, they could be serving in the Middle East this time next year! Nearly 2/3 of their peers had every confidence in our troops completing the tasks they were sent to carry out. This survey was undertaken on 7th April, before the Coalition reached Baghdad.


In the Sheringham Magazine Issue 11, Sheringham's first Gang Show was April 12, 13 & 14th 1974. It was very good.

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Does anyone have any photographs of the first Gang Show? If you do, we would love to have them to publish. Editor.

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