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We have have several telephone calls and letters regarding the photograph below and hopefully now have filled in all the gaps! Many thanks to Mr Hannah and Mrs Downing amongst several others who did not leave their names.

Sheringham Community Paper

Back Row Left to Right
John Craske, Bob Wilson, Fred Bushell, Billy Felmingham, Mr Kimm, Arthur Farrow, Joe Pegg

Front Row Left to Right
Ralph Clipperton, Wally Starling, Syd 'Golly' Moulton, Charlie 'Caline' Woodhouse, Bernard Hunt, Bertie Tuck, Reg Jeary

Are we right? We have been told that it is not Mr Kimm in the back row, but that the gentleman worked for him, does anyone out there know, if so please let us know at the office.


We know that you all love our old photos, so here is another one for you, compliments of Les Collings. Do you know any of them? Some of the names we have been given are, Mr K Bayfield, Victor Woodhouse, Poppy Grice, Shirley ?, Janet Bishop.

Can you place the names to the faces? Let us know.

Sheringham Community Paper

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Sheringham Community Paper
Friends of Otterndorf

Once again a group of 'Friends of Otterndorf' set off to visit their twintown on the north coast of Germany. This time the trip took us via Denmark as the ferry to Cuxhaven was temporarily out of action. The boat was very comfortable, cabins and food excellent. We arrived in Otterndorf to a tremendous welcome of our friends and were soon whisked away to our homes for a week.

Sunday morning was spent going to church. The vicar who spoke good English welcomed us and delivered a very moving service talking about the present world situation regards Iraq. I am sure most of our friends could follow some of it. After church we all trooped across the road to Café BrÚning. This has been a ritual for many years. The array of faces has got to be seen to be believed. The afternoon was spent in the 'Stadtscheune' where the town of Otterndorf laid on a reception for us. The BÚrgermeister Hermann Gerken welcomed us and spoke about the wonderful friendships, which have been formed in the 15 years of our twinning. The ladies from the 'Verkehrsverein' (tourist board) served us with delicious cakes, coffee and tea. Several bottles of Schnapps were passed around. This was the welcome drink. A group of delightful children the youngest 5 years old sang their hearts out for us accompanied by several accordions under their leadership of Walter and Irmgard Meier. It was a truely wonderful afternoon.

Sheringham Community Paper

The week saw us visiting Stade Bederkesa Hamburg and Bremerhaven. The weather was brilliant blue skies blazing sun but bitterly cold. All the lakes and rivers were frozen solid. Lots of local people took the opportunity to practice their skating skills. I have even seen a young woman skating merrily with her baby in the pram in front of her. It was cold but the hearts were warm. On the last evening we invited all our hosts and friends to a wonderful dinner in the Hotel Haduloah what an evening it was. We were around 40+ people, give or take a few. The meals were super and the atmosphere wonderful. We did have some new people with us who were overwhelmed with warmth and friendship their hosts bestowed on them.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye, again lots of tears were shed as we boarded the bus. The last we saw of our friends was them waving goodbyes with union jacks, what a send off. Our driver, George, was lovely, it was his first time in Otterndorf and he is already looking forward to the next time.
Our thanks go to Norman and Gladys for arranging once again such a successful trip. Sigrid Smith

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All things are difficult
before they become easy!

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