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Teresa Bellingham had a big surprise when she went to Nursery on Thursday 10th April. Waiting in the storeroom was a lovely Terrier Tricycle for her. Now she can join her classmates out in the playground when they whiz around on their tractors, cars and bikes.

Teresa Bellingham (4) was born with Cerebral Palsy and Diabetes. Her Mum, Liz Jackson explained "This will give Teresa so much independence. Hopefully she won't run too many over! Teresa has been talking about sharing the tricycle with her friends in Nursery. At the moment she has to rely on others to be there to help her move around. Teresa currently has a walker but she has managed to topple over backwards a few times as the back straps slide down around her hips and the much needed support is lost."
Sheringham Community Paper By using the tricycle Teresa will also be strengthen her muscles, develop better co-ordination and I've been told it could also help to realign her hips that are twisted. All of this will hopefully help her to walk!" Teresa's tricycle was made specifically for her by Theraplay in Glasgow, at a cost of 600. She needed a special back support and straps around her waist, and velcro straps on
the pedals to help her become the independent girl she wants to be. This money was raised through charity days and numerous auction nights and was presented to Teresa and her Mum by Andrew Baker.
Sheringham Community Paper Both Liz and Teresa's dad, James Bellingham look after Teresa at home in Cooper Road, Sheringham.
"James is great with Teresa" said Liz "but what we really want to be able to do for Teresa is take her to a therapy centre called Brainwaves in Somerset". "Brainwaves offers treatments such as physiotherapy, musical keys therapy, horse riding, colour and light therapy etc. The trouble is her 2 day assessment would cost 250, then there's the accommodation at 30 a night and of course Somerset is a long way from Sheringham, so the travelling cost brings the price up even higher. It's the type of treatment where you need to return regularly for Teresa to gain any real benefit from the treatment. So at over 400 a time we need help to raise this money."
Surely there is someone reading this who would like to help Teresa get to Brainwaves, if that is you please contact Liz on 820933.


Sheringham Community Paper We will be hiding Beaky in every issue, maybe more than once and at different sizes - see if you can spot him.

When you do, write and tell us what page(s) he is on and where, giving the same details as before.
Small prize for the winner.
He's in THIS issue, can you find him?

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Sheringham Community Paper KIDZ CORNER

Okay, all you children aged 1 - 12 years, this column is for you.  Enter the competition(s) and you may win a prize.

Brain Teaser - By Dr. Cedric Lytton

In a recent issue of the Sheringham Independent is a report on the possibility of allowing animals to graize on Beeston Common. Not mentioned is a little-known decision at grass-roots level to invest in a certain number of ponies to keep the grass down in the area. Secret tests showed that fifty ponies would eat the Common clean in a month and that forty ponies would be in business for two months. Assuming that all ponies are identical and that the grass grows regularly all the time (ignore the July slowdown), how many ponies would just suffice?
Sheringham Community Paper

Have you any funny stories about things your children have said?
Let us have them, we would love to hear from you.

I have two striking clocks. One strikes slightly after the other. On hearing the second clock strike, my granddaughter said, "How does that clock know when this one is going to strike"?

Also, my grandson, when about 2 years old called mud - sticky water!
B Downing
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The sun hadn't got his hat on but the children had for the Sheringham Primary Nursery "Easter Bonnet Parade". The parents and children's creativity was amazing with a variety of ideas such as nests with eggs hatching out of them, watering cans, daffodil and tulip borders, giant bunnies, chicks and butterflies galore, Woolies and Starlings must have been rubbing their hands together. The size of some of the hats gave the children an unknown lesson of deportment.
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