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In recent months Sheringham Museum has acquired reminders of Regatta and Carnival activities in 1936 and 1964. The "Flagstaff Cup" was presented by Sir E.W.Meyerstein J.P, who had a home in Sheringham, to the winners of the "Motor Fishing Boat Handicap Race" in 1936. There is no entry under the 'Winners' space on the rear of the cup.

The H.H.Walker Cup for the winners of the Carnival's 6-a-side Football Competition in 1964 were Sheringham Wednesday F.C. followed by Sheringham Casuals in 1965, Sheringham Wednesday in 1966, Go-Go's Coffee Bar in 1967, Sheringham Secondary School in 1968, Go-Go's Coffee Bar in 1969 and 1970, Kingsland Engineering in 1971, George Best's Retiring Committee in 1972 and the Newly Borns in 1973.
Sheringham Community Paper There is then a gap of two years with Crane "Fruh" winning it in 1976 and Edgefield Rovers in 1977. There is then another gap with Blue Boar winning the cup in 1980. This cup was found in a builder's refuse skip and donated to the Museum.
If you can tell us anything about any of these teams - or have photographs - then please let us know so we can save them for future generations to enjoy. And what about all the other trophies which are still missing? On a poster for the 1938 Regatta and Lifeboat Day reference is made to the Thomas Cook Cup (Sailing Yachts), The Mo Cup (Motor Fishing Boats up to 4hp), the Hayward Cup (Motor Fishing Boats exceeding 4hp), the Whelk Coppers Cup (Sailing Crab Boats) and Mo Mugs (International Dinghies).   If you know where any of these trophies are Sheringham Museum would love to know so that they could possibly be displayed for everyone to see.
Other Regatta activities included: Tugs of War, Boxing (Sheringham Boxing Club v R.A.Camps) Polo, Ladies Beach Suit Parade, a Mystery Man and Dog Show. The latter included classes for Dog in Best Fancy Dress and Dog Doing Best Trick.

Trips in the Henry Ramey Lifeboat were on offer (Adults 1/- and children under 14 6d) and the day ended with a Grand Firework Display given by Sir Edward Myerstein.
Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper

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Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham's Hidden Hobbies
Welcome to the second installment of Sheringham's hidden hobbies in which we introduced people who are from Sheringham and the surrounding area who have interesting hobbies. We were invited to the home of Mr Derek Gould to be shown his collection of model boats.
Sheringham Community Paper Mr Gould started building the boats nine years ago when he retired. Much like Bill and Barbara, in our first article, he too was looking for a hobby to occupy his time after retirement and chose to build the boats. Mr Gould spent a lot of his working life at sea which stemmed his enthusiasm for boats.
The first model he built was the "Bounty" which took approximately one year to build and even Mr Gould "cannot believe" he has done them. Having always been creative throughout his working life and good at building things in general the idea of this as a hobby was natural.
Sheringham Community Paper Not all the models are currently kept at Mr Gould's flat as he gave a model to his niece and nephew for Christmas. While looking for a box to put it in he found that it would not even fit into an old TV box as the model was over 44 inches long and 3 foot high.
All the models come with all the pieces supplied and an instruction manuel however there is still the work to be done. As Mr Gould explained to me this is a painstaking process especially threading the wire for the boat ropes, all of which are done individually! We would like to thank Mr Gould for inviting us into his home and showing us the impressive results of his hobby. We are always looking for interesting hobbies to write about so if you know anyone you would like to see in the @Sheringham then contact us now. We are waiting to visit you!!



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