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Have your kids been under your feet during the Easter Hols? Do they still burst with energy after school and tell you they're "bored" and "what can they do?" Or do they not move from the telly or Playstation? It sounds like they need an action packed hobby to burn off some of that excess energy, and have a place to meet their mates too. There are so many clubs and groups happening in and around Sheringham to suit all types of kids with all types of 'attitudes'. Martial Arts have been offered to adults for a while and some classes have begun to acknowledge that there is a need from young kids too.

For John Mezzetti, a 2nd degree black belt in Hap-ki-do, introducing the martial arts to kids has become a flourishing and expanding venture. He already holds successful classes for 5 - 12yrs in Cromer and North Walsham and now Sheringham. On Fridays at Sheringham Community Centre, John holds the Little Dragons Club for 5-8yrs from 4pm till 5pm. "It teaches these kids the basics of martial arts with dodge ball, tig-tag, and other games in a fun and controlled manner, so the children are subconsciously learning how to block with their arms and fall correctly too" explained John. "Then from 5pm-6pm is Cadet Hap-ki-do for 8-12yrs. This is a little more in depth as we build on their skills learnt from the Little Dragons."

John also holds classes on a Saturday at the St John Ambulance Hall, Wyndham Street. Kids Fun Fitness is for 5-12yrs and is held from 9am till 10.30am. "Kids learn the importance of hand-eye coordination, balance, team play, following simple instructions and hence grow in their confidence of their own abilities. We teach them how to keep fit in a fun dynamic way. We're not encouraging the kids to become obsessed with their bodies at a young age, but rather to be aware of keeping healthy and of course showing them how much fun it can be." Afterwards, an open martial arts class for both children and adults from 10.30am till noon is being launched. "We welcome beginers through to advanced levels of all types of martial arts. What I'm aiming to do is provide an arena where people can try out a variety of techniques to find which martial art suits them."

John also runs several other courses in the area including Traditional Hap-ki-do and Mixed Martial Arts Training, Adults Circuit Training, Combat Cardio, Women's Self-Protection, Personal Training and Private Tuition. For any further information on the above courses call John on 07952602881. If you run a children's club you would like to promote please let us know. We're here to help.
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The Rag Show - Fashion Clothes

St Andrews Church Hall
Cromer Road, Sheringham
Tuesday 20th May 2003 7:30pm
Admission 2.50 Including Refreshments
In aid of the Ladybird Playgroup
Tickets from the Playgroup 01263 824325
Chris 01263 713329 and At The Door

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When you do, write and tell us what page(s) he is on and where, giving the same details as before.
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Sheringham Community Paper KIDZ CORNER

Okay, all you children aged 1 - 12 years, this column is for you.  Enter the competition(s) and you may win a prize.

A nice easy one this issue, what is it in the photograph below?

Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper

Have you any funny stories about things your children have said?
Let us have them, we would love to hear from you.

I was out with my granddaughter, talking a leisurely walk along the prom when an old lady walking her sausage dog came towards us. As she drew level Sara said "Has that doggie had an accident?" When I asked her why she thought it had been in an accident she replied, "because it has had its legs cut off".
Edith C
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Well the children at Sheringham Primary School didn't have a clue who Tony Blair was but what about David Beckham? He's in the news just as much as Tony Blair, and he's a sports hero to millions of football fans, so is this the type of news the kids pick up?

We asked 20 children and 17 of them identified him as David Beckham. The other 3 answers were Michael Owen, Rudd Van Nistelrooy and "a footballer". To make the question slightly more difficult we asked the children what team he played for, 13 of them correctly said Manchester United including 4 who added England too.

It seems sport and a pop star wife does make David Beckham the most famous man in the UK (including Sheringham) of our time. So how young are the kids who recognise him? Well I asked my three year old son who has been brought up in an Arsenal household. There was no hesitation, "That's David Beckham mum, he's the best!" I do hope my husband doesn't read this.
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Sheringham Friends of Guiding
Jumble Sale
17 May 10:00am onwards
Guide HQ, Cromer Road

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