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We know how much you enjoy these old photographs and as the New York Staff Band are visiting Sheringham on 4th June, we thought we would see if you can help us to fill in the gaps on this photograph.

Sheringham Community Paper

Back Row
Keith Pegg, Peter Winterbourne, Dennis Winterbourne, ? Malcolm High, Mr Blyth, Peter Hopewell, ? William Allen, ? ? Jimmy Allen, Ray Grand, Colin Grand
Middle Row
Joe Pegg, David West, ? Brian Pegg, ?, Reggie Hedges, Mr Cooper, Victor Woodhouse, Lesley Grimes, George Mann?, Harold Edwards, Mr Holsey, John Holsey
Front Row
Major & Mrs Phillips on either side
Harry Grand in the middle
Dear @Sheringham, I read the article on /Drunken Behaviour in Sheringham/ and "the problem caused by people under the age of 18 years old." I wanted to write something in support of the under 18's that are mentioned.

I spent my teenage years in Sheringham and had the most amazing social life in the 1980's. My friends and I had the incredibly brilliant venue 'West Runton Pavilion' where the Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bad Manners (to name but a few bands) played. On Wednesday nights there was the disco in the same place with a huge dancefloor and music tastes to cater for all our diverse needs.

Friday nights we all went to 'The Highwayman' where again the DJ's would play a selection of music for us. Then there was Saturday and Sunday nights at 'The Mundesley Royal Hotel' where we would pay for cabs or get our Dad's to drive us over or collect us. Then there was the 'UEA' which is the only thing still surviving from those days.

There really is nowhere for the teenagers to go. There are some great teenage bands (Splendid Leutenant) but nowhere for them to play. The problem of teenage drinking is always made worse by boredom. I was never board because I was too busy with too many places to go.

Teenagers and alcohol is nothing new and I suggest we all think back to our youth to remember our first drink and the age we were when we had it. No the greater problem is channelling negative energy and providing an outlet for it. Can someone please open a decent venue for music aimed at the under twenties so that they can get off the streets and enjoy their precious teenage years? Perhaps the old Craft Centre that has been closed for so many years??
Sarah Evans


Sheringham Football Club won the Sterry Cup approximately 1957/58, which was the top & biggest amateur league in Norfolk and Suffolk at that time. It was a great achievement.

Sheringham Community Paper

Back in the 'Old Days', football was the only sport played in Sheringham and we used to play all over Norfolk and Suffolk. It was such a big thing that we used to take a train and ten coaches to our away games. As there was no television and radio wasn't very good, it meant that the people back in Sheringham didn't get the results until late on the Saturday night. It was decided that the best way was to borrow a couple of pigeons, one for the half-time results and one for full-time. We got two pigeons from Mr Turvey up Holway Road and took them with us and at half-time sent the score to John Longs Fish Shop. It worked really well for a few weeks, the people would gather outside the shop to get the scores. Then we hit a problem, no-one had told us that pigeons don't fly in fog, we sent off the birds as usual, but when we got back to Sheringham, they hadn't arrived home. We were really worried as they had cost about 60 each and at that time a weeks wages was about 4! Luckily they turned up late on the Sunday, but we never used them again. A Local
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Sheringham Community Paper
CELEBRATIONS independently owned card shop is owned by Helen Cutler, the store is part of the Hallmark Gold Crown Network.
This means that it has all the advantages of a large chain store, a wide range of product, a bright, innovative store design, yet the advantages of an independent shop, personal service by friendly faces, and a range of products to suit the locality. Store owner, Helen Cutler said We have traded in Sheringham for 7 years. We know our customers and their needs. This store re-fit has enabled us to provide a better shopping environment with more space for customers to move about, yet a bigger than ever range of cards.
There will be a PRIZE DRAW with the opportunity to win a Forever Friends Bear worth 400. Sheringham Community Paper
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