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We all know how our kids become obsessed with what they wear, and if you try and help direct their fashion ideas you'll quickly find yourself on the receiving end of "I'm not wearing that." And then there's the age old parent retort, usually on a Friday night with "You're not going out in that!" Eventually the majority of people calm down and find their own stile (I did say the majority).

Parents still foot the bill for clothes (62%) although some 94% of pupils say they are in charge of choosing which clothes their parents buy for them. 46% would only buy clothes from Norwich shops with only 8% relying on what Sheringham, Cromer and Holt have to offer. Catalogues are used by 14% but even these pupils feel they need to return to Norwich for the majority of their clothes. Almost a third, however go to the city, local towns and use catalogues.

So what is the fashion of Sheringham High School pupils? Some of you may think they all look the same, but there are a few Goths, some Classy Chics, a dozen or so Nu-Metal followers and 20% are Sportswear fans. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed felt they just liked Street stuff (these are the ones with skateboards, surf fans, baggy trousers, beanies, big trainers). The majority of pupils, a third, liked to feel they could change their style and didn't like to pigeon-hole themselves into one particular style, two of them even sticking their neck out to say they had their "own style".

Back to a local question. Now that our newly elected councillors are getting their feet we thought they might like to know if they put all their efforts into creating a Youth Centre with a good sound system, lighting, computer games and more importantly, run by people who wouldn't judge the kids who used it, would the Sheringham High School pupils go there? A rather unanimous result of 92% saying yes means teenagers are in agreement with everyone else in that they need somewhere to go to in the evenings and weekends, and it was reassuring to know they want somewhere to go to.

Who do they think is going to win "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here"? Daniella Westbrook 14%, John Fashanu 14%, Linda Barker 6%, Chris Bisson 6%, Toyah Willcox 8%, Sian Lloyd 2%, Anthony Worrall Thompson 6%, Wayne Sleep 2%, Phil Tufnell 14%, Catalina Guirado 2%. It was great to know there was 26% who didn't know and didn't care!
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PLAYLEADERS (NVQ3 or equivalent) Salary 7.00/hour
PLAYWORKERS (NVQ3 or equivalent) Salary 5.50/hour
To work in these exciting projects providing quality care for children aged between 4 - 14 years (16yrs SEN)
Hours: 3-6 Monday to Friday - Term Time
8am - 6pm Monday to Friday - Holidays
For application pack contact: The Sheringham Projects, The School Office, Sheringham Primary School, Cooper Road, Sheringham. Tel: 01263 823848
Closing date for applications 13th June 2003

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Brainteaser - Rising Tide

The rope ladder of a boat hangs over the side of the boat and just reaches the water. Its rungs are 8 inches apart. How many rungs will be under the water when the tide rises 4 feet?

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HORSEPOWER 2003, Classic, Vintage Car & Transport Rally plus Arab Horse Race meeting 8th June 2003.
David Hunter Race Course Manager
Telephone 01263 515900

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Have you any funny stories about things your children have said?
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My kids when they were little very often mis-pronounced their words. Yellow was Lellow, Spaghetti was Bsketti and Wardrobe was wardrove. Did your kids get words wrong?

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