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At last, after years of speculation and rumour Tescos have submitted their planning permission application and have put these on display for the people of Sheringham to see. At long last we know the facts about the proposed store, size, layout, what they would like to stock. They have had their leaflets delivered to our houses, with an enclosed card for residents to register their opinions on, if like me you are not happy to just tick a box and have more questions, just do what I did - write on the back! I visited the exhibition on several occasions over Friday and Saturday, first of all to see for myself the proposals and secondly to ask the people attending what they thought and to interrogate the Tescos representatives (nicely of course, no need for bad manners). I have to say that they were very helpful in their replies, even after I told them I was from the 'Press'!

Each time I went it was packed out with people asking many questions. On the Saturday morning there was a gathering of several protesters along the Cromer Road, the protest was, in true Sheringham style, quiet, friendly but getting their point across. Anglia Television interviewed several people and only left after being offered light refreshment!
Sheringham Community Paper
It is not the job of this paper to give personal opinions, there are two sides to every argument, so please go to page 6, where you will find snippets of conversations over the two day period, and answers given by the Tesco representetives. These are questions asked by Sheringham residents at the exhibition - NOT OUR PERSONAL OPINIONS. However, do not be mistaken, the people of Sheringham, whether they be FOR or AGAINST Tescos, cannot afford to be apathetic.
Exercise your right to decide what happens in your town, do not allow outsiders to decide for you.
Make no mistake, if it comes it will impact on us all, but will it be BOOM or BUST?
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