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Sheringham Community Paper Hello and welcome to this 18th edition of hearsay. Yes, a whole 9 months worth of perusals. A full punitive and sacrosanct read on the hottest gossip Sheringham has to offer. No, it's all right; don't get too steamed up just yet this is only Sheringham after all. Now then what to talk about this week?
Well firstly, for those of you who may have been a bit more observant than others it seems we have a brand new crab boat exhibition. Yes it's up by the car park and dug into where our lovely floral daffodil display usually is. At least we now know what is likely to happen to all the old fishing boats in their twilight years. I suppose displaying them there will actually give the viewing public a taste of the long overdue and eagerly awaited (Don't hold your breath) fishing heritage museum. One slight anomaly though the Norwich and Peterborough sponsors have seen fit to fill it full of flowerpots! Not a lobster or old crab in sight. Who said anything about scamrod? No go on I'm only pulling your legs before you go and get all serious on me and start sending in letters. I guess this is all part of our town in bloom competition. Yes, that time of year is now upon us. We know this because I've actually spotted the litter picking man on five different occasions and on various approach roads into Sheringham over the last two weeks. Interesting though isn't it. When Cromer wants to smarten itself up they manage to muster up several million quid in seafront improvements and wide, people friendly pavements in a delicate dusty shade of yellow, all beautifully polished complete with alfresco coffee tables. Now then, as the words of the song goes; are you ready for this? Yes and get ready to brace yourselves for the most entertainment Sheringham is about to see for centuries. Yes I'm talking about the long awaited final kick off in that epic battle of good against evil tyranny. No, I'm not talking about who gets voted out off Big Brother. I'm talking about STORE WARS! Yeeeha! But before you start I'm not even going to go there, I couldn't even begin to comment on an issue so historically important and strategically vital to the life and/or death of this town. (Well at least according to SCAMROD). Phew, Who'd be a councillor eh? Tell you what though. If the people at the top who were in charge of the town's development and growth had stipulated many moons ago, that all this town actually needed then, as it needs now is in fact a decent car park. I feel sure we wouldn't feel as vulnerable to the prospect of losing business as we do now. However judging by the amounts of traffic congestion we already have on our main coast road through town, we could I suppose, officially turn the new proposed Tesco site into a mini inner ring road and dub it Sheringham's answer to the M25. There you are problem solved, a custom- made car park 24/7. Still not all would be lost if indeed that giant, tyrannous, job providing, villainous creation did come. You know, just think of the income we could make (as a towns co-operative) if say, we charged a toll for all the shopping punters who dared enter across SCAMROD picket lines. After all the automobiles would have to cross from private to council owned land at some point, whether it be road or footpath. The proceeds could be fed into a regeneration scheme; this would provide a steady income and rest home for all those current traders who happen to fall onto hard times because all their valued and trusted customers, who love and cherish the small town shops' atmosphere, choice and service, so much, or so we're constantly told, suddenly and irrevocably decided to go and do their daily jaunt in "that store".

One wonders then should we indeed finally give permission for a giant erection of gargantuan proportions, (enough about me, that was just a viscous rumour!) and whether they'll enter and fund a decent sized float and a marching band in our very own carnival parade when the time comes? Talking of which as I glossed over in the last edition, that timeyear is almost upon us again. I have heard many remarks regarding this year's proceedings and can only conclude we, as a town will only ever get out of it, what we are prepared to put in. The town swells most unremittingly remunerating its tills' coffers when we put on this kind of entertainment. So come on all you float builders, pubs and lorry owning drivers. Forget about the money for once and do some thing extraordinary! (As the actress said to the bishop. Or was that the other way round?)
Anyway I know from viewing the goings-on on a Friday night in the High Street that there are plenty of exhibitionists out there so why not put your talents on show and make this year's carnival something the town can be proud of.    If for no other reason than to show Cromer a thing or two. Of course the easiest way to double the size of our Carnival Procession would be to hold it a week after Cromer has theirs like in the old days. Go on carnival organisers I dare you! Now then apart from the "BIG 'AIRY SPIDER" men selling extortionately priced fluffy insects, who else could we have on a float or on foot that would make an impact? Well, a full marching band would be nice playing Blaze Away and Colonel Bogie. If not, let's have some of the many open-air bands that regularly play outside the Crown during the high season. Following on we could have a float full of really fancy highfalutin ideas, overflowing with too many people, colourfully muddled and with everyone not knowing who's going to see what or who. This would be followed by the Little Theatre's new talent float, resiting "to be or not to be" featuring last years Bridge. But rest assured, be the float entrants in this year's parade, a panto horse or a Munchkin from Oz, they will all have been winners for the town. Like our new theatre group and all those amateurs too. They make the town special so let's all support them and have corker of a summer. Till next time Vic.


Sheringham Community Paper

Not only is Sheringham Primary School an award winning school, it is now being used as an example of how nursery children are taught in the UK. Ten teachers from different Kindergarten schools in Vienna, Austria are currently attending lessons in the Nursery and Reception classes at our Primary School. They are here to learn the teaching methods used in England and also to learn new methods of teaching English, (English is taught to 3-6 year olds in Austria). They attend classes and then return to their base at the High School to discuss their observations and agree what they will return to Vienna and use in their own classes. "We use similar songs and practices in our schools", agreed one of the teachers, "but what we are impressed with are the Storysacks. It is something we have never seen and we will definitely be making our own when we return. Sheringham Primary School Nursery was offered as a possible school to learn from by their Director of Languages in Education in Austria along with several other schools in England including some in Norwich. There are 380 Kindergartens in Vienna who will all be learning from our school. So, not only is Sheringham Primary School an outstanding Norfolk school, it is now becoming a European example. This is more than reassuring for any parent who takes their children to our school.
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