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By now you should have all had time to study the proposals put forward by Tescos for the Cromer Road Site. Indeed many of you attended the exhibition and were able to ask questions. Below are some of those questions and the answers given by the Tescos representatives.

Why is the walkway through to town only proposed and not definite? Tescos are still in negotiations with the landowners, so definite plans for a walkway cannot be agreed.

The housing on the Hilbre site, who would it belong to, will it be private sale or a form of Housing Association? This will be entirely the decision of the North Norfolk District Council following Government guidelines. The percentages of private/social/affordable housing is not in Tescos hands. Does this mean that this housing may not actually benefit Sheringham residents? It will be the Council's decision.

Is this going to be a 24 hour shop? No.

You have a percentage of space allocated to non-food goods, we only need a bigger food store, can you stock just food? It is only a very small percentage of the shop floor space which is allocated to non-food items.

Would shoppers be allowed to leave their cars on Tescos car park while they shopped in the town or is it going to be a 'For Tescos Customers Only' car park? Yes, shoppers will be able to leave their cars on the car park, but it is likely that this will be time restricted.
Sheringham Community Paper If you get planning permission, how long would it take to build and would there be much disruption to the traffic? It would take around 18 months to complete the building, we would minimise traffic disruption.

Would all of the new jobs go to local people? No, we would bring in experienced managers. So how many of the 200 jobs would go to local people? Approximately 185 of which about 15 would be full time.

Why is the proposed store so much bigger than originally discussed? Sheringham has grown considerably since 1993 and the retail part of the store has increased in line with this.

What would you do to make sure that local traders in the town remain in business? Tescos will bring extra shoppers to Sheringham and give them the facility to park. We believe that customers will stay loyal to the smaller shops, most of Tescos trade will be from other supermarkets in nearby towns.

Sheringham Community Paper

The people of Sheringham have to make up their minds NOW, do you want Tescos or not? If you want to preserve the town as it is now then say so. If you want a supermarket, say so. We live in a democracy so maybe we should be pushing for a town vote. Do not believe everything you are told, try to read between the lines on both sides of the argument.
Dear Sir / Madam.
My aunt, Eleanor England has kindly forwarded to me her copy of the Sheringham magazine issue No 16 as she most certainly knew that the photo of the band would be of interest to me. How wonderful to be reminded of so many youthful faces after over half a century ago.

First a few words about the band. I must put you right in that the title at that time was not the Sheringham Town Band - but the Sheringham Youth Band. Although most of the band pictured in your magazine did in fact graduate to the Town band, The Youth band was started by Henry Bishop ably assisted by Albert Sadler. The band was formed at the old primary school where Henry taught all the members from the very basics of music, none of the lads had even held a brass instrument let alone played one. Between them Henry and Albert cajoled, scrounged, borrowed some instruments in various state of disrepair and somehow got them into a playable state. Various activities for fund-raising such as jumble sales, fetes etc were held to raise funds for music and instruments- although we often suspected that poor old Henry and Albert were at times having to dig into their own pockets. The members became a very close 'band of friends' and it was more than you dare to do to miss one of the many rehearsals (often 3 or 4 per week.) The outcome of this enthusiasm was that within 6 months the band performed in public for the first time, playing the him tune 'Lavinia'. Within the next 18 months or so the band won not only the East Anglian Junior Championship but 2nd prize in the De Montford Hall in Leicester thereby qualifying for the ' Daily Herald National Finals at Belle Vue, Manchester. The 'test piece' for the finals was quite an advanced piece of music for junior bands - indeed there are a number of lower section senior bands who would have difficulty with ''Homage to Pharoah''. However the band managed to cope with it but indeed were placed second in the finals being awarded only two points less than the youth band of the famous Besses o' the Barn. On the band's return to Sheringham the town turned out to greet them with a welcome as befitting to ''Cup Winners.'' They later broadcast on the BBC where they had as guest conductor the one and only Sir Harry Mortimer.

A great number of the band after continuing in the senior ''Town Band,'' myself included, moved away from Sheringham to pursue their various careers but I cannot leave this article without mentioning one or two members of that original youth band, of whom, Sheringham should feel very proud. People such as Billy Thirtle who has devoted so much of his life to the Sheringham lifeboat, John Nockels who spent so many years with the band and last but by no means least Derek Little who not only was one of the founder members of that band but who has continued playing with them to this very day.

Yours faithfully Charles (Chic) Randall.

Names in the photo (ones I can't remember shown as ? )
Front row left to right;
Michael Devlin, Alan Forsdyke, Charlie Randall, Albert Sadler, Henry Bishop, Michael Sadler, Derek Little, Bob Goffin.
Middle row (L to R)
Billy Thirtle, David Cox, Albert (Sunny) Sadler, Billy Cooper, Cyril Rich, John Nockels, Ray Barton, Peter Turner, Billy Rawlings, Raymond Hill.
Back row (L to R)
Michael Childs, (?), Roy Sadler, (?), (?) Alan Little, (?), (?).
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