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Our front-page story in issue 19 covered in very brief detail some of the problems of the roads in Sheringham. Here we are just a few short weeks on and yet another accident has occurred, local boy Robin Marriott who was outside the amusement arcade, was hit by a lady doing a U-turn outside The Lobster, on the junctions of Wyndham Street and High Street at 3pm one Monday.
Sheringham Community Paper Fourteen year old Robin had to been given morphine, gas and air as he was in so much pain after having his tibia and fibia broken. He was then taken to Norfolk & Norwich Hospital for an operation to fit stainless steel pins to his leg. He's likely to have his leg in plaster for up to ten weeks. Robin was due to go on holiday to Florida with his family and another family next month. The result of the accident has effected many people. Thankfully, although his leg is badly injured, it is hoped that he will make a full recovery in time. We send him our best wishes. Further to that story, we have decided to target problem areas in town with a view to trying to improve the situation. In some cases the solution may be as easy as a householder or the council cutting back overgrown hedges for better vision, other situations may not be so simple to address.
In some cases there will be no viable solution, but we are going to try. Sheringham originated as a small fishing village and in parts roads and/or pavements cannot be widened, but the bottom line is that the number of people we are catering for rises each year, but the roads and pavments remain the same and cannot cope safely. We will be talking to local Police, Traffic Wardens, pedestrians and motorists to try to get all points of view. We have a volunteer who will be going out with surveys, it would be appreciated if you could spare her a few minutes to give your views. What we need from you, the readers, are reports of the problem areas and viable solutions to those problems if you have them.  If we can make safe just one place that is currently dangerous, then it will be worthwhile.

If we approach this in a positive fashion, we may be able to change some of Sheringham's streets and pavements to the benefit of all. The first problem area we are asking for your views on is the delightful roundabout on the Cromer Road as we have already received letters and telephone calls about this.
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