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Sheringham is a bit overcrowded this time of year, but it's to be expected, it is after all a tourism driven town! The amount of visitors has grown tremendously over the last decade, which is very good for business, but slightly less good for traffic related issues. We undertook a survey last week amongst both locals and visitors to test various opinions on the traffic and parking issues in Sheringham, namely the roundabout. 70% felt the island in the middle of Cromer Road roundabout is too high and they can't see the indicators of the cars circling the roundabout. They felt that a flatter island would improve their sight of the traffic. 85% felt that the pedestrian lights are situated too close to the roundabout. This causes a variety of problems: delays, frustrated drivers who just entered the roundabout and suddenly have to stop again, and danger to pedestrians because there is no warning sign for the pedestrian lights to visitors who are not familiar with the area. 70% felt that the pedestrian lights should be removed, and rebuilt further up Cromer Road, closer to the Medical Centre. 60% felt that one pedestrian crossing is not enough, and we are in need of another one on the opposite side of the roundabout. 100% were certain that a wider roundabout is not the answer to any problems and would not slow traffic down. They felt that it would only be the start of different traffic problems. 100% would still prefer having a roundabout at Cromer Road than traffic lights! 100% felt that there is a major parking problem in our town. 70% felt that accidents are more likely to occur at the Cromer Road roundabout because of the amount of traffic is has to carry, therefore, more reason to give special attention to small traffic details. Thus the reason for this survey: safety for driver and pedestrian, local and visitor. Food for thought: 70% felt that the roundabout would appear a lot more attractive if rebuilt with colourful flowers or a neat garden, than the current grey state it is in.
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