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Gardening Tips

Your fortnightly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors
Sheringham Community Paper
Lift geraniums for storing. With the first frosts expected within the next month, it is time to save valuable tender geraniums (pelargoniums) to store in frost-free conditions for next year. If you have a heated greenhouse, the plants can be potted up into small pots and kept just moist over winter. But if you have a garage or cold greenhouse with minimal heating, plants can be stored dry in boxes and some at least will survive. Dig up the plants and shake most of the soil off roots. It is important not to cut the plants back at this stage because any cut surfaces will be prone to rot. Plants can be cut back in spring when growth starts. Put the plants into small pots or pack three together in a larger pot. They can be separated in spring or used for spring cuttings. They should not be watered, but allowed to dry out so that most of the leaves drop off. If storing geraniums in a garage or other dark place, wrap them in newspaper and put them inside cardboard boxes. This should only be done once the plants are dry and all the leaves have fallen or they will rot.

Windowboxes. Remove summer bedding from boxes, replace the compost and add controlled-release fertiliser and put in winter bedding and conafers. In mild areas and town gardens, indoor cyclamen and winter heathers will survive for months because the warmth from the house will prevent frost damage.

Ponds. If you haven't done it already, ponds should be netted to prevent leaves falling in and causing excess sediment. Check netting regularly to remove trapped wildlife such as hedgehogs or frogs. Pull and cut off dead foliage from pond plants.

Lettuce. Sow winter-hardy lettuce under cloches or in polytunnels for spring crops. Cover the centres of endives to blanch them ready for eating soon.

Lawns. Raise the height of cut on the mower so that the grass is left a little longer now that growth is slowing. Brush the lawn to remove worm-casts before mowing and keep fallen leaves off the lawn by sweeping or mowing. Brushing will also remove any toadstools produced by soil-borne fungi that tend to appear in the lawn at this time of year.

To all of our readers who have telephoned and written in with information on Thursa Nussbaun. The response has been overwhelming and all messages and information have been passed on. Some information conflicted, but it has at least given the lady a starting point to work from. Melanie

Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

I know it's an old one, but I really did it. Not long after I had passed my driving test, I bought an old banger which I was very proud of. I went to the local garage and noticed after I had put petrol in, that there was oil under my engine, so I went back into the petrol station and bought some oil. I then proceeded to try to refill the oil through the dipstick hole. I couldn't understand why the passenger in the next car was in stitches.
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Why do they ask you to swear to tell the truth in court? You're not likely to tell them if you are going to lie are you!

Memories of Sheringham (Part 2)

St Peter's Church then was about thirty five years old and I remember as one walked by the church early evenings a beautiful sound coming from within, the angelic voices of choir boys practising hymns under the instructions of Mr Norman Cutting the then organist and choir master. St Peters Church had a Vicar and a curate and Upper Sheringham Church was still the 'Mother' Church and still came within the jurisdiction.

Other religions were two Methodist Chapels, one in Beeston Road, one in Station Road. The Baptist Church was in Cremer Street at that time and St Joseph's Catholic Church (where the bells were rung much more frequently every day at certain times than they are of this present time) and of course The Salvation Army has always been an important part of Sheringham.

Sheringham also had it's own Town Band, I seem to think it was a 'silver band', periodically it used to go to London for competitions with other bands and more than once came back to Sheringham with a prize (sometimes THE PRIZE). For many years the late Mr Henry Grice conducted the Town Band.

Another familiar sound of those by-gone days was the whistling of the errand boys riding around the town on their trade bicycles delivering goods from shops to customers.

As remembered by a Sheringham resident

Salvation Army Charity Shop
The Salvation Army's Care and Share shop in Church Street, Sheringham sells good quality second hand clothing, shoes, books and bric a brac items, as well as serving tea, coffee and biscuits. The Manager is currently looking for volunteers to help at the shop. There are a variety of things to do, from serving customers and making drinks, to sorting items that go into the shop. If you would like to join this friendly team of volunteers the shop would love to hear from you. Please pop in and see the Manager, or telephone on 01263 823468.

whitedot.gif (821 bytes) Sheringham Community Paper whitedot.gif (821 bytes) HARVEST AND FLOWER FESTIVAL AT AYLMERTON

Aylmerton Church will be looking glorious with flowers, fruit and vegetables in profusion for its annual Harvest and Flower Festival on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October. This year has a rainbow theme. Refreshments will be available, and the church will be open from 10.00 a.m. on Saturday, and 11.00 a.m. on Sunday, until 5.00 p.m. Services on Sunday are Family Communion at 9.30 a.m. and a special Evensong at 6.00 p.m. Do come and see our church look beautiful.
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