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Sheringham Community Paper
"Hey diddly dee an actors life for me". Sorry about that, only you'll have to excuse my glee in this the 24th Hearsay. There's been that much going on I'm aghast as to where to begin. To start with, as previously reported in the last issue, the Barford Road ladies hedge has been cut at long last and "hooray" for her.
Don't suppose it had anything to do with me, but I took great pleasure in reporting it. If you have anything else you feel needs commenting on, then why not let me know.

Now then, on a more gloomier note it appears that more and more of us are falling foul of these computer viruses. Many hours of soul searching and pleading to the various companies who fix them is costing us all dear. However the one saving grace I suppose is that when one takes one's P.C. to a P.C. doctor, usually they have the answer and know exactly how to remedy it! Unlike us poor old humans, I don't know they can split the atom put men on the moon and even stop drinking on the streets of Sheringham, but they still can't do "Owt" about the common cold.

Still for most of us this internet lurgy has been about as annoying and as hard to remove as it is difficult in getting some of the staff in one of this town's larger stores a personality transplant these days. Just where have all the maturer ladies gone? At least they passed you the time of day and were able to communicate in words of more than one syllable rather than the whispered "Teenish" inaudible edited grunt (and that's if you're lucky on a good day) we the general public are supposed to understand and accept. Now I know these new folk are on a learning curve, but somehow I don't think their hearts are in it. I guess what they need is a dose of "Royal jelly" to perk themselves up a bit. Talking of Royals, They obviously didn't realise that her Royal Highness Princess Anne left her horses back on the ranch the other week to give us, in Sheringham, a visitation. I pondered for a bit as one does, over the reasoning for the visit. It was certainly a bit premature to lay the foundation stone of the new Tesco's store. Still no real sign of any opening date for the Mo, or perhaps it was for the presentation to one of the lifeguards of a pair of brand new binoculars with night vision! But alas it was to be none of these. Then I thought had we won one of the best town awards? Wrong again, but interestingly enough the Little Theatre's Frinton group will go home in the knowledge that their town was one of a number of award winners. Well it turned out that HRH was opening the new quarter up at the high school, built on what used to be the kids' athletics field. No more for the high jump there then. Although some might be for it before too long should the quality of their PR skills not radically improve. If you get my drift. Interesting also that one or two little birds told me there was some filming going on down the North end of the High Street on the same day as the Royal visit. Any ideas what that was all about? Perhaps it was to do with the Sunday Mail's where to be seen article. It appears that we here, in humble Sheringham, are becoming as popular as the Beckham phenomena.

Well I guess the people will "keep a coming" and "we'll keep a Shovelin' ice cream at 'em", the more the merrier. It's fine if one is a visitor or retiring, but not I'm afraid, if you're under 18. I mean it takes an extraordinary kid to want to be seen playing jolly hockey sticks on the putting green in front of their mates or just enjoying an evenings stroll to the Morley's bowling green. In a so real world perhaps, but not, I fear in Sheringham in the 21st century. Unfortunately what few young we have around here are mostly bored out of their brains. Where are all the stimulus, bowling alleys, kids cafes and loud trendy music joints to hang out in? I know the lads and laddettes who wear tents round the legs and finish every sentence with "ooh lack a sha" with a shake of
the wrist can go boarding by the Splash, but not everyone is into that. So what can we offer them? Well, for one thing, we (the Queens we that is) here in Sheringham have bestowed ourselves with great notoriety in accepting things new.   We opened our hearts and arms to the new theatre group this year, with great success. We embraced the new moustached Traffic Warden most precociously, whose blatant ability to turn a blind eye was stunningly baffling. Even our very own new vegetable section in the Co-op went without mention. So why can't we have a few new places to entertain and keep safe our younger generation? Me thinks we should be nice to them, as, in the end they'll be the ones choosing our nursing homes!

To my way of thinking, not all would be lost if a certain store came to town and reaped casualties. i.e. one large store might be turned into a multi screen cinema to entertain all the new in-store staff. The influx of people would lead to the rapid expansion of some businesses. The travel agents for a start. Perhaps they could go where the old post office site is, the large store could downsize to fill the current travel agent site and become an even smaller "convenience" store upping their prices to 20% higher than elsewhere for good measure. In time, as many of the charity shops demise, we could fill them with tenpin bowing alleys attracting people from all over, all year round. With all these extra people we would have to feed them at night so in turn places like Macdonald's will come. And who knows we might even embrace the 21st century with a whole host of patisserie and European idealist cafe bars serving the beverage of the day, with or without a sticky bun. Oh yes Utopia here we come! I'm cerebrally drooling now. What a vision of this vibrant, modern tourist magnet. A place built up on its meagre humble beginnings in its fishing heritage past, embracing the new world for its future. Even the beach is going to get a clean up every now and then. So what a wonderful place this could be? Come on you lot no more talk of Sheringham becoming a museum let's demand our future now! Till next time, take care Vic.
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Sheringham Community Paper
Following my recent letter in your paper regarding my search on the West Family of Sheringham, I would like to say a big thank you to Mr LEN WEST for all his help I am very greatful to you Len, also I wish to ask if any of your readers have any information on a JOHN FARROW born BEESTON REGIS around 1814 married SARAH? Born Sheringham around 1819 they married around 1837, I am trying to find Johns Parents names, so I can try to trace the line back from them I can be contacted at Thank you Diane
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