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Noah's Ark Parent and Toddler Group
meet in St Peter's Church
Wednesday 10:00am until 12 noon

Following a satisfactory first seasons tradeing at the Priory Maze and Gardens, at Beeston Regis, the new owners, Mike and Liz Tacchi have announced SPECIAL RATES and INCENTIVES in order to attract more local people to visit. 'We are surprised, at how few local people have actually visited the gardens before' said Mike. 'Perhaps local tourist attractions, are only seen as that, and possibly we should be doing a better marketing job, in order to educate people, that a lot of attractions are indeed an amenity for everyone to enjoy'.

'We have had an incredibly positive reaction, by all those who have visited. We have had a higher than expected take up of season tickets, and this must be due to a pleasurable experience, that local people wish to repeat several times a year. We have several garden enthusiasts, photographers and artists, who visit at least once a fortnight, and people who visit just as regularly in order to soak up the atmosphere, as they read a book or doze in the wildflower meadow'. 'Locals find it difficult to believe that they have not heard about the place before, particularly after they have experienced the ambience of the gardens and the amazing peace and tranquillity behind the gates'.

In order to attract more locals, we are offering 20% off all entrance fees, and 20% off all plant sales, until the close of the season. (October 12th). 'This will give the opportunity and incentive to not only enjoy a popular attraction on their own doorstep, but also to obtain unusual plants at even more reasonable prices than usual.' The Priory Maze and Gardens is situated on the A149, less than a mile East of the Sheringham roundabout, and is open every day except Tuesdays, between 10am and 5pm. Contact 01263 822986
Can I suggest that if Tesco comes to Sheringham it would be much better sited on the Holway Road going out of town. Near the top of the hill there is a slipway leading off the main road towards a derelict site, which I believe was once a special needs school but is now empty and fallen to ruin. This site is further out of town so the impact on local shops would be reduced as shoppers would have to travel out some way rather than just popping in. The housing there is set further back off the road so the noise disruption would be lessened. The road itself is wider and more suited to larger amounts of traffic, although a pelican crossing for children going to the primary and high school would be a welcome addition, especially if the road becomes busier. The lay-out of the slipway gives easier access to the site and its location would mean that large lorries carrying goods wouldn't need to come into town. My family and I are fairly new residents of Sheringham, so I don't know if this idea has been discussed already but, all in all, I think it would have many advantages over the proposed current site.
Tim Harvey
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You seem to like our riddles,
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I live above a star, and have eleven neighbours.
PRS (& sometimes Q) are my initials.
Who am I?

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Have you experienced a ghost?

We are a group based in Norfolk that performs investigations into paranormal activity across East Anglia. The field of paranormal investigation is a relatively new, yet rapidly expanding field of science that aims to gain evidence into the activity of ghosts and spirits. Our group is very experienced in the field, and have recently been on radio Norfolk to discuss supernatural phenomenon. We have a vast array of equipment and have in our group a spiritualist medium. We are always interested in the experiences of others and always aim to take guests along when we have an investigation at a haunted venue. If you are interested in learning more, or have experienced paranormal activity that you feel would like investigating further then please get in touch with the group.

Andy Johnson. Tel: 01263 822146
NCS Paranormal (


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So many people had told me how comfortable thongs were, I decided to buy a pair to try. I explained to my 3yr old how they were worn. At the supermarket, in a very loud voice, she asked me if I 'had on my knickers that go up my bum'. I was mortified and never put them on again!
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