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Yes, the scams which we have reported in past issues are back again. They are even more professionally presented than last time, but one thing remains the same. THEY ARE AFTER YOUR MONEY.

First of all the chain letter scam, it sometimes begins with the words "I was amazed when I saw how much money came flooding through my letterbox". I just bet he was, only as the perpetrator of the scam, DAVID RHODES was the only one to receive the cash! Once again he mentions things like business plans, testimonials, guarantees and step by step instructions on how you can get all this money. DO NOT SEND A PENNY TO ANYONE. Our thanks go to Violet for passing this one on to us.

Secondly, the self same Mr Rhodes is also trying to scam you via email. Subject: david rhodes. The email address is the same as the old david rhodes chain letter address except 2 digits are different. Money is now 2 coins and addresses are in
America!!! He also signs himself "d". Thanks to Liam Plant for emailing us this.

Lastly, the Data Protection one is back. The letter is allegedly from DATA PROTECTION AGENCY SERVICES, ENFORCEMENT SECTION. Basically this one tells businesses that if they do not register, they will be committing an criminal offense. For us honest business people, our first reaction is not to question it, but to complete the simple form and return it along with our fee of 95. Please, please be careful. this official looking letter arrives with a form which is really simple to complete. That should give you your first clue that all is not well, after all, when have you ever received a simple form which any government has issued! This time they have also included a pre-addressed brown envelope. One glaring omission on the paperwork is that there is NO TELEPHONE NUMBER, to my knowledge ALL official forms have a telephone contact number. As there really is a data protection act and some of you may receive official paperwork, we suggest that before sending any money, you contact them and ask if it is legitimate. Our thanks to Bob at The Crown for again bringing this to our attention. We have examples of these written scams in the office if you would like to take a look.

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