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North Norfolk Conservative Candidate Iain Dale has warned local people of a phone scam which could cost them in excess of 250. He was alerted to it by a Sheringham resident and has since received one of the calls himself.

"If you answer the phone and you get a recorded message put the receiver down immediately or it could end up costing you a lot of money," Dale warns. The message says something like "Congratulations, you have won an all expenses paid trip. Press 9 to hear further details." Dale points out that if you press 9 you are connected to a premium line that charges about 20 a minute. Even if you press 9 and put the receiver down immediately the other end stays connected for 5 minutes and you end up paying 100. The final part of the call - after 11 minutes - asks you to key in your postcode and house number (which has other serious considerations) and then, after a wait of a further two minutes, responds with the message; "Sorry, you are not one of the lucky winners." and disconnects, adding a further 260 to your bill!"
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Dale adds: "BT have confirmed to me that they are aware of the details and are investigating, but because the calls originate from outside the United Kingdom it may be some time before they can act. In the meantime I am hoping local media will publicise this scam and that people are informed that they should not press 9 under any circumstances."
Iain Dale. Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for North Norfolk.

Iain Dale is available for interview on 07768 254690.
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