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Congratulations Sam & Warren on the birth of your daughterTilly MaeLoveMum, Dad, Michael,
Kelly & Kids

Happy 2nd Birthdayto Chloe JayLots of LoveMummy & Daddyxxx
I would like to thank everyone in our Sheringham Surgery, for the help we got from doctors & paramedic to look after my husband who has been quite ill. I am so grateful for the care and quickness, it happened Tuesday 20th January. Many Thanks, R Warman
Amber Models
The final stages of North Norfolk's first entertainment's enterprise is finally taking shape after a two year project that was designed to compete with the best in the business. Not the easiest of tasks but the Norfolk based PR Machine has managed to make waves across the board with a surprise spate of releases and announcements from Amber Productions headquarters. An outline registration form has been set up to meet demand and can be found on the main Amber Music Productions web site in the contact section. At last, a chance for everyone to obtain advice and direction before they plunge into unknown waters. Head of Amber Music, Andreas decided there was a demand for a reputable base for possible representation for budding models and actresses after many of the artists working at Amber Music suggested a modelling agency run with the same successful formula would be welcome.

Its great that everything has been kept local from clothes fashions to North Norfolk's beautiful scenic surroundings. Gazelles of Sheringham has stepped in to supply many stylish garments for official Amber Photo shoots and the grand setting such as Blickling Hall and many other attractions make for an ideal backdrop that are used by film companies across the globe!  Even though Andreas uses much of his own unique photography, Silkwood Studios in Norwich stepped in to add sparkle and glitz through photographic genius, Brian J Hewitt. It was an obvious choice to involve the main Amber Music Productions Graphics wizard to the Amber models line up. You will be able to see some of Brian's and Andreas' work in Exhibitions throughout East Anglia in the New Year. It's not to be missed! 
Sheringham Community Paper After much research and over two seasons of photography and adventurous experimentation the official Amber Models web site has entered the arena with a splash. The first step should be for anyone hoping to enter the industry is to obtain truthful FREE and valuable advice with the agency they are dealing with via an appointment be it with Amber or anyone else. A good agency should be engaged in the marketing and booking of talent, without asking for vast amounts of money in return for stardom.

The time span of the plan, when it was laid on the table was four years at least, and there is room for celebration that it was done in half the time. Of course this has only been possible with teamwork and the valued patience and support of all the models and artists.
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