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Sheringham Community Paper

Iain Dale's Pound for £1 Challenge
He may look a fine figure of a man, but believe it or not, North Norfolk Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Iain Dale weighs in at a phenomenal 18 stone - yes, 252lbs. Between March 1st and June 26th he aims to lose 28lbs, a whole two stone. But he needs an incentive. He's decided the best way to achieve the body beautiful (Ok then, the body adequate) is to raise money to fund his election campaign and is asking you to sponsor him to the tune of £1 for every Pound he loses. So if he loses a stone you pay £14. If he loses two stones you pay £28. He doesn't want to bankrupt anyone (or become a pale shadow of his former self) so he promises not to lose more than two stone! And the aim? To raise more than £2,000 for his campaign fund. The weigh in on June 26th will take place (fully clothed - phew!) at the North Norfolk Conservatives Worstead Branch Champagne & Strawberries function at Iain's house in Swanton Abbott. He's currently taking tips from Ann Widdecombe on how to shed the stones...
The decision on Tescos has now been made, like it or not, the store is coming - maybe. More stalling tactics may delay it, but are unlikely to stop it. I feel sorry for existing businesses who cannot make long term plans until the situation is resolved without question. Only time will tell if this is good or bad thing to happen to Sheringham.

Maybe now is the time for all those people who fought so bravely to keep it away, to turn their minds to doing something to ensure that Sheringham doesnÕt change too much. If those active minds can stall a huge concern like Tescos for so long, then surely they can come up with some ideas to stop it from changing our High Street. I have to say though, if you take a look around, there are already several shops up for sale, empty or for lease in town and they cannot be blamed on Tesco coming! Is the town dying through stagnation?

Ms Blake. Sheringham
Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, has written to the Chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) over plans to take around £500 million raised on East Anglia's railways in order to subsidise loss-making lines elsewhere in the UK.  Under the terms of the new Greater Anglia rail franchise, the SRA will take £71.5 million raised on the region's railways every year for seven years. The money will go towards repairs on the whole rail network and subsidies for other train operators.

"Taking 20 per cent of predicted revenues from the new operator, National Express, seems extraordinary," said Norman Lamb.  "There are so many priorities for investment in the Greater Anglia franchise area that need to be addressed, that to take these funds out of the area where they are going to be raised looks unacceptable.   "Congestion on the main lines out of Liverpool Street, the condition of many stations and the state of a lot of the rolling stock all have to be dealt with. This will all need funding, and an extra £500 million over seven years would undoubtedly go quite a long way.

"This is a great train robbery against all East Anglia's rail users."
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