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Sheringham Community Paper Dougal's Pet Corner

The place for your pet stories and pictures, let me have them
VENTURE FARM ANIMAL TRUST Sheringham Community Paper
Our main aim here at the trust is to re-home as many of our cats as possible. We usually have over 60 cats in need of loving homes.
We have several cats resident at the farm who for various reasons are not available for re-homing, or who may take longer to re-home due to special needs. We have a sponsorship scheme available for these cats. The fee for sponsorship is currently 10 per year.
Also resident at Venture Farm are; goats, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and one and a very large heifer called Matilda who thinks she’s a dog!
We are always looking for people to help with animal care, maintenance, gardening, working in the shop or helping with fund raising. If you feel able to offer assistance with any of these, please phone for more details.
We have recently started offering a microchipping service for cats and dogs at the farm. This is a highly recommended way of ensuring that if a lost pet is taken to a vet or animal rescue centre it can quickly and easily be reunited with its owner.
If you are interested in helping or want to bring your pet along to be chipped, please telephone the farm on 01362 858790 to arrange an appointment. We are able to offer this service for a very reasonable price of 10.
One thing is sure
It's been said before
That the sky is blue up above.

Clouds disappear
Once more we are clear
People again fall in love

Dear Editor,
Re: Issue 32, page 4 Sheringham Zeppelin bomb: I am in an occasional correspondence with an author who is writing a series of fictional books about the First World War in the air.

Last year, I sent to him a photograph of the Sheringham plaque. In his reply, he mentioned that his research had turned up the fact that the first bomb was as stated by Mr Tutthill. The bomb was dropped by a Friedrichshafen FF29 seaplane and it landed in a garden near Dover Castle. Chris Davey, the author, also said he would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. The Sheringham bomb was dropped by either L 3 or L 4 Zeppelin as they both set off, aiming for Hull but were blown off course and thought that they had attacked Gt. Yarmouth. Mr Davey's researches are very thorough.
Sincerely, Eddie Sanford.
Dear Sir,
I remember 'Black Bob' Bishop very well; I don't think anyone could cook fish and chips like he did. Their hop was in Windham Street and we would queue up for our 'Pennoth' or a 'Tuppeny and one'. On the wall opposite the counter were some lovely paintings of fish and mermaids, star fish, and all manner of creatures; but I think that these must have all been painted over eventually. When we were small, we could not reach the top of the counter, but almost at the end, from the door, was an opening where we could pass our money through.

His brother, Henry Bishop, had a fish shop in Co-operative Street, and there is one today in the same place. I lived in Cremer Street at that time, and Henry Bishops family nearby, around in Salisbury Road, at Salisbury House lived 'Black Bob' and his family.

Once when some of us were queuing up for our chips, in the Windham Street shop, we could hear the engines of an aircraft, we all rushed outside to see the brand new zeppelin, the R101 on her maiden voyage, she looked beautiful in the sunlight, like a silver cigar.   Yours sincerely, May Ayers

Why do we wash bath towels?
Aren't we clean when we use them?
Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper The warm weather we now experience means the kitten season is getting longer. Last year our first kittens were born on 29th March and the last ones arrived on 25th November.  155 kittens under 6 months old were re-homed by the branch. We therefore cannot emphasise enough how important it is to get your kitten neutered as soon as it is old enough.
Over 5% of all domestic cats in the UK have received help with the cost from Cats Protection. We also offer assistance to feral colonies and last year help was given to 4 colonies. Kittens of 6-8 weeks living in the colonies have been caught, socialised and found new homes. The adults have all been neutered and returned to their site. Don't forget, help is available if you need it. Just give us a call.   Once again, we have good news on the homing front. Our lovely Vicki has recently left us and although it is early days, she is settling in well in her new home. Misty is still with us, but I am sure the right owners will come along soon for her.  Among those waiting for new homes are:  Beth- (a pretty tabby girl) 2 years old. Beth also came into care from a farm. She is still slightly nervous but is a lot more trusting now. She would benefit from a home where someone is prepared to give her time to learn to trust them.  Tippex and Mollie (black boy and girl both 7 months old). These two young cats joined us from the same farm as Beth. They too are still nervous but would benefit in being in a home environment. 7 young cats from the same farm have already been re-homed and have adjusted very well to their new situation.  If you are interested in giving a cat or kitten a new home please call Stephanie on 01692 535858 to find out what is available.  Alternatively, you can visit to view the cats before calling.
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