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Review of Adams Creation
Sunday 25th January "The Crown". Live music is a powerful thing for all concerned. "The Crown" puts on live music on Wednesdays and Sundays. It's very successful, it brings together many people from different ages and backgrounds to enjoy time together, which can't be a bad thing these days.  As I've been asked to review as many of the bands as possible that play here, I thought it might help for me to explain some of the terms which I use quite often.

Cover number band - a group that plays other people's songs.
Dropping the tempo - not maintaining even speed.
Balance - the correct amount that each instrument should be heard at any time.
Out of tune - an instrument or voice not maintaining the correct pitch.
Tight - when a group plays really closely together with the beat, the most difficult of disciplines.
Dynamics - the highs and lows of artistic input, which prevent the music from becoming bland.
Front man - the person in the group who is the focus of audience attention and who talks to them.
Numbers - the songs. So called because in dance bands all songs are numbered and these are called out by the bandleader.
Interplay - the third factor created by two instruments working together.
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Arriving at the pub early, I could see the bands were worried. They needn't have been. When the band starts playing is the time when most like to arrive. As soon as the music started the pub filled. The band's spirits lifted by the same degree. It was a good night. The band isn't strictly cover. They did several of their own and they were very good songs. There was an interesting use of accoustic guitar .Not easy to use in a pub. There was some risk of dropping the tempo and a slight imbalance with the accoustic guitar on one song but these were a measure of the band's courage in pushing their boundaries. Without that courage, we go nowhere. They played with spirit and I really enjoyed them. Playing more of their own songs will net the rewards this band deserves. Perhaps it's already started; they 're currently 14 in the unsigned Indie Charts (Independent music) and won Sheringham Carnival 's Battle of the Bands competition. They're appearing at "The Waterfront" a prestigious venue in Norwich .I wish them luck, I think they'll get it. Tim Jefferson
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The Value of Months

If March = 43 and May = 39

Then by the same logic
What does July equal?

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2004 Education

We have to think now of fees for the Unis
But what are they studying this time around
How to build an exoensive edifice
That will take the chosen few off the ground

They picture not a tall skyscraper
But somehting right out of this world
Everyone's tired of this modern way with living
New ambitions more freedom so I'm told

Poppy Brown

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