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David Scotter of Norwich spends all his spare time working on his family history. Recently another Scotter from Canada emailed him and asked him if he could get them a copy of a photo which appeared in our paper. They had seen it on the internet, the photo was of several lifeboatmen receiving awards and it appeared in our August edition. One of the men on the photo was Arthur Scotter the fisherman. This mail prompted David to ask us if we could let him have a copy of the
photo. The Scotter family is well documented in North Norfolk with roots going back to 1560. One member of the family was vicar of the Church at Beeston Regis in the early 1500's. They took to fishing in the area around 1870. Some of the family moved up to Filey and Scarborough and joined the fishing community up there. One of David's main collections is photo's of the old Scotter's and he has asked us
if there might be anyone out there who has any old photo's they might share with him. We have told David that we will do our best to help him so if you have any photo's you can bring them into our office we will copy them for him. We know it will be appreciated by him and Scotters in other parts of the world.


Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, today launched his new website,

Mr Lamb said: "I am very pleased to present this website, which will give me another way of reporting back on the work I'm doing on my constituents' behalf. It will also give people another way of contacting me with any problems or concerns."

A number of features have been included in the website to help constituents interact with their MP online.

Mr Lamb said: "I have taken our petition against Council Tax online. We want to see it abolished and replaced with a fairer alternative based on ability to pay, and people will now be able to add their support to this important campaign by clicking a few mouse buttons."

Visitors to the site will also be able to download a copy of Norman Lamb's most recent Official Report, sign up for monthly e-mail news bulletins, and have the opportunity to support Norman Lamb in pressing the Government for greater support for the Biofuels industry in Norfolk.
PHONE 'SCAM': A letter printed in the last issue regarding phone scams accused our MP of alerting people to a mythical problem. However, the story was not submitted to us by our Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb, but by the
Conservative parliamentary candidate. We would like to apologise to Mr Lamb for any confusion caused by the letter. Norman Lamb has confirmed that the story is indeed a hoax, but urged that everyone should be cautious when approached by any unsolicited calls or mailings offering prizes and freebies - if it's too good to be true then it probably is!
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Iain Dale, Conservative Candidate for North Norfolk, has become the first Conservative Parliamentary Candidate to enter the world of Internet Blogging. A "Blog (short for Weblog) is an Online diary, accessible to anyone at anytime. His Blog can be found at and is updated every day. The Blog is part of his campaign website

Iain says: "A Blog is a brilliant way of letting my constituents know what I am doing. It's not just full of press releases but is meant to entertain and amuse as well. After only a couple of weeks my Blog is getting several hundred 'hits' per day and the feedback from North Norfolk people has been tremendous. I'm about to add a Comment facility so we can get some really good discussions going - and they won't be
censored. Internet campaigning is about to come of age and Conservatives need to be at the forefront of it. I'm going to encourage my fellow candidates to become bloggers too."
Hi, My name is Derek, I lived in Sheringham in the early 60s and often think back to that time. I remember the Grand Hotel on the sea front and lots of other places. Where can I find photos or postcards of buildings of this time? I also remember horse rides and lots things like shops that are no more. I hope you can find some and put it in your paper. Derek Aldridge
Can you help me. I am trying to find the history of a piece of pottery I have. It's got a sticker bottom marked Sheringham Pottery, Sheringham, Norfolk England, the artist I think is C Miswil. Thank you Alex Findlay
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