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Bob Brewster is a member of Norwich Inns whose nominated charity for this year is East Anglian Air Ambulance.
Sheringham Community Paper
Peter Mendham, who you will recognise from his Norwich City football days, is the regional co-ordinator for this worthwhile charity, he visited the Crown to be presented with a cheque for 700 from Bob and the quiz players.

The air ambulance is totally dependent on your generous support and fundraising.
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Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper
Broadband is just about here for Sheringham, Beeston Regis, Upper Sheringham and West Beckham.  I know many of you have now got your orders placed and are looking forward to the new service.  Cromer now has broadband, as does East Runton. So what about West Runton? Well West Runton has recently hit is trigger level of 200 registrations, which means broadband should be available by around June. A quick recap on the benefits and costs of broadband Internet access.

1) No more dialling for a connection, the service is available all the time without needing to dial up.
2) No more frustrating disconnections. You don't get cut off on a regular basis as the service is there all the time
3) Its far faster to down load email and browse web site.
4) The 27 to 29 per month service, will usually be 10 time faster at receiving information than a standard modem and 5 times faster sending.
5) The cost of using the service is fully inclusive; therefore you can use it as much as you like without having to worry about the phone bill.
6) Another great advantage is than it shares a single standard BT phone line, which means you can make or take incoming or outgoing voice calls, in the normal way, whilst you're using the internet.
7) Most Internet Service Providers (AOL, Freeserve) have a broadband service it is not just limited to BT.

What are the typical costs?  Set-up costs (based on a single PC).  New broadband modem 35 to 50, some providers provide a modem free of charge.  Connection to the service usually 50, some providers may offer this at a discounted rate.

Running costs.  Typically 27 to 30 per month, which includes any amount of usage within the fee.  If you are considering a move to broadband and would like some free advice contact local broadband provider Paston Chase who have people you can talk your requirements through with . They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Their number is 01603 502061.
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