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Unpleasant Passengers on my Shoe!!!!
To whom it may concern.  I say that because the vast majority of dog owners are pleasant, thoughtful people who wouldn't wish harm on anyone.

Since going back to school after Christmas, I have noticed an increase in the amount of dog poo on the pavement and grass verges. Now either someone just doesn't like children or they just need reminding that there are very few substances more harmful to a child's health or one more difficult to remove from footwear. I am particularly concerned with the area around the old Holt Road, Uplands Park and Child's Way. Along with a lot of other mums and dads, I walk that way to school in the mornings. It is a constant round of saying , "Mind where you walk, there's a pile of poo." If you don't believe me go and take a walk there and see for yourself.

My main concern, if you can picture the scene, is the child who walks to school, - getting exercise and fresh air, in these days of sedentary lifestyles - runs along and without noticing collects a passenger on the bottom of his shoe. The passenger nestles with sinister intent amongst the deep treads which characterise children's shoes these days. He arrives at school, still unaware, walks through the classroom, hangs up his coat, drops his bag on the floor, stands on the strap, picks it up, hangs it on the peg. He removes his lunchbox, with the hands which have touched the strap on his bag. Still blissfully unaware of his passenger. He may smell something - but assumes someone has trumped!

He carries on to the classroom and sits down on the carpet area for register, he sits on his bottom and absent mindedly fiddles with his shoes. This little man is a bit tired this morning and so, with some of his passenger on his hands he sucks his thumb. Surely that is enough said.  I am not an obsessive person, but I felt I had to make a stand on this issue. We have two dogs, we love them and all animals. But please if you walk your dog in a town, especially the very big one that seems to see Uplands Park as it's own personal toilet, clear up after them.  No one likes doing it, but your dog, and the products from his bum are your responsibility. I believe there is a fixed penalty fine that the police can enforce if you are caught. Carrier bags come free with shopping at most supermarkets, use one of them. Alternatively, you can buy a box of 300 nappy sacks for 1 in town!

And yes, the final straw came this morning having trodden in some, I walked in my house before realising. I had walked it all over the hall carpet. I have a 16 month old baby girl who I had to leave crying in the other room whilst I disinfected the floor, and cleaned my boots.

So, PLEASE, whoever you are, consider the consequences of leaving dog poo where people can tread in it, especially children.

Catherine Ball.
Coffee Morning
at the Morley Club Sheringham
on Saturday, 28th February
Sheringham Community Paper
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Okay, all you children aged 1 - 12 years, this column is for you.  Enter the competition(s) and you may win a prize.
A really, really simple one for this issue.

Why do black sheep eat less
grass than white sheep?

Dear @ Sheringham, the business page of the Jan 14 EDP carried a piece outlining how Tesco are dominating the supermarket sector with another set of sales figures.

The piece continues with a warning to Tesco's rivals, to quote: "the company will boost its flexibility and firepower "end quote.

Last paragraph of the piece reads - Tesco will focus on increasing its non-food sales.

Sheringham - you have been warned!
C Nickerson, Sheringham
Sheringham Community Paper

Sheringham Community Paper

My father-in-law is a Londoner and uses a lot of rhyming slang.

One day he took my daughter out and at one point he needed the toilet.  He told her he was 'Going for a Pony'.  When he returned, he couldn't understand what she kept looking around for.  When he asked, she replied, 'I'm looking for the pony, I want to have a ride'.
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