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Gardening Tips

Your fortnightly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors
Sheringham Community Paper
Planting. With the soil warming up and plenty of moisture about, most plants will quickly make new root growth, with the many tiny roots getting to work immediately to take up liquid nourishment.

Shrubs. Newly purchased shrubs, the backbone of an easy garden, can be planted now and will soon establish themselves. Choose healthy-looking specimens that are not pot-bound. Shrubs that have been in pots for a long time and been cut back once or twice are not good buys. Plant firmly so that the base of the shrub ends up at the same level as it was in the pot, or just 2.5cm (1in) or so lower to allow for soil settling. If the soil is well worked and given some extra humus there is normally no need to provide the shrub with extra feed. Make sure that the soil does not dry out and that weeds do not take hold.

Sowing seeds outside. For summer colour, seeds of flowering annuals can be sown where you have gaps to fill. Such positions could include places in the border where clumps of tulips and daffodils are flowering now. A scattering of seeds worked into the top of the soil can result in plants that will perform well later with no effort from the gardener. The easiest annuals to treat in this way include Candytuft, Eschscholzia, Love-in-the-mist and Calendulas. These will bloom then drop their seed to stake a claim to the territory. Self-sown seedlings should then appear in the autumn or spring; all you have to do is thin them out.

Garden Access. There is little point in having a lovely garden if you cannot get around it easily and safely to enjoy all its parts. Pathways are needed that are safe for walking on and for conveying tools and materials, perhaps in a wheelbarrow. The garden tends to be viewed more from certain angles such as the lounge window, and it can look very different from each vantage point in the garden. The whole thing will be more exciting and varied if you can move more easily through the garden to points that give you a new aspect to enjoy.
The scams are back, not that they ever went away! One company is posing as a Government Agency and demanding money for Health & Safety information, requesting 125 within seven days. Anyone receiving this letter should contact the HSE information line on 08701 545500.  The other is a company posing as the Data Protection Agency, this implies that if you don't send them 135 it constitutes a criminal offence and that you are liable to a large fine.

Do Not Hand Over Your MONEY!
Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

I’m in the queue to get into a local car park and the line is moving really slow. I decide to leave as the queue is taking so long. I try to do a quick U-turn thinking the mound in between the queues is only low, but find to my horror I am suspended with my wheels spinning and I can’t go anywhere. Luckily a friendly motorist and about 3 people pushing my car eventually freed me. Next time I'll wait patiently.
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Why do
Tugboats Push?
The North Norfolk Patient & Public Involvement Forum is Waiting to Hear From You.
Patient and Public Involvement Forums (PPI Forums) are new organisations, which are now giving members of the public an effective voice about the way their local healthcare is delivered. There is an independent Forum associated with every NHS Trust and Primary Care Trust in England. The Forums are made up of local people and patients, who volunteer to become members. The Forums for this area are:

North Norfolk PCT PPI Forum
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Trust PPI Forum
Norfolk Mental Health Care Trust PPI Forum
East Anglian Ambulance Trust PPI Forum

The North Norfolk Forum is now beginning to formulate a list of concerns it wishes to take up on behalf of the local community. The Forum is very keen for members of the public to contact them and give their point of view. At present this can be done via the Forum Facilitator, Julie Colebrook, on 01603 774324 or the Forum’s Chairperson, Philip Kemp, on 01328 862724.

But the Forum would really like you to come along to a meeting. The Organisation is in the process of looking at acquiring the services of a British Sign Language Interpreter and of a Translator.

Meetings will be held across the North Norfolk area to make it easier for people to come and let us know what they think. Make your mind up to have your say.

Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper
Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper Sheringham Community Paper
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